Laggy Computers: Rant

Cheap computers. The Big Cheese hasn’t exactly built a cheap PC, but he’s built one he can afford and not scream at himself for it.

I, on the other hand, am here typing on my extremely incompetent hunk-o-junk purchased by my father two Black Friday’s ago.

While yes, it can handle everyday tasks like browsing the interwebs, typing up documents, watching movies/listening to music, all that stuff. But it can’t handle any of it if you run two at a time.

I personally opt for Google Chrome as my web browser because I know it’s damn stable. I usually have Facebook and Tumblr open at all times and using Spotify for my music needs. Maybe I’ll have Google Drive open on a third tab so I can type up a report or draft a new article or blog piece. That’ll all be fine, but if those 4 things are happening, scrolling up and down becomes a shit hole, typing has a 4 second delay, and music will buffer about 95% of the time. What’s the point of being able to have multiple tabs open if you can’t seamlessly go through the multiple tabs? I might as well be using a 90’s Mac.

The worst, however, is trying to edit pictures. Lightroom is a big, big, big, big, big application. I understand that. But if I have Facebook open (JUST FACEBOOK), Lightroom will cause my computer to overload. I can’t scroll, I can’t type, I can’t do ANYTHING but wait for the thing to load.

If the computer could run more than three applications at a time, I’d be so happy.

I failed to mention earlier that the computer didn’t even come with built in WiFi. Since it is in my basement, it has no ethernet cable to connect to either. We had to purchase a separate WiFi key, which upon start, does not even connect to the correct WiFi location (and trust me, I’ve tried COUNTLESS times to reset it and get it to connect to the correct one).

I wish I could afford to build a new computer like The Big Cheese.

As an impatient teenager, this is hell. No one likes hell.


  1. Pat, sounds like a pain in the arse 😛 I’ve for thru tons of pcs since high school and all have crapped out on me. Well I suppose it’s because I’ve contracted viruses while downloading music from chat rooms or napster.

    It was college where I entered the world of Apple. I needed the platform for school. Fast forward 10 years later and I’m still on one. He thig I realized tho is, no matter what OS you’re on you will always encounter issues. I thought that by switching from PC to Mac I’d get rid of those problems; lagginess, viruses, unresponsiveness, basically l those issues you have. I was wrong. My current MBP has crazy lag if I have QuickTime, safari, iTunes, and a couple other progs open. And I thought this POS was supposed to be able to handle multitasking. Pshhh. Ok granted, I try to push this MBP around with multiple downloads (movies, shows, music) with 3 external hdds simultaneously connected, and perhaps Listening to music on iTunes and having a movie silently running in the background. But still, you’d like a machine that just flies. I end up either deleting some movies or music, or perhaps some apps just to make room for my ever decreasing hdd space. Maybe it’s high time I get a new computer. I actually bought this from a former coworker. All my computers, PC and Mac, have been either hand-me-downs or used, with exception to my 1st Mac for college which was $1800. Maybe I can find a used one on CL. Go figure.

  2. haha, just know this, you won’t ever know the pain of using a PC running a 486 processor, with 4MB of RAM…FOUR!!!

    I still have my old 266 MHz Pentium 2 Laptop with I think 128 MB of RAM running windows 95 or was it 98, if you want to experience SLOW! LoL.

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