Earworm: “Radar Detector” by Darwin Deez

This song is much to catchy to not become an Earworm.

A lot of the song is actually just the lines “You are a radar detector.”

But that doesn’t make the song bad. It’s well produced, and honestly, I love it. It entertains me endlessly. I have it blasting on repeat as I type this article, actually.

But who has ever heard of… Darwin Deez? Definitely not me. Apparently however, like most indie acts, the UK heard of this American indie band way back in 2010. Damn. Honestly, the UK has much better entertainment taste than we do here in America, it’s plainly fact. (Except hockey, hockey rules. Then again. Hockey is pretty damn Canadian.)

Anyway, here. Have a listen to Darwin Deez and the song Radar Detector.

Okay actually before you watch the video. This dude is quirky as all hell, and I really am freaked out by his mustache and his hair and his sense of dress. But I enjoyed the song and video anyway.

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