MGSV:GZ – These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things


I’ve been playing Ground Zeroes here and there since I be gotten it day one. So far I’ve beaten the Main Mission a few times with a RANK D, then tonight a RANK C. Now I’m messing with the mechanics of such things as the CQC portion of gameplay.  I found a pretty nifty party trick. When in the Pause menu there’s a SCREEN TRANSFER option. I wondered what this was when I first saw it. I tried it while synced to my app. It actually let me take screen grabs during gameplay while paused and lets me transfer the saved image to either my device or to a Twitter account, which I’d use if I had one myself. As evidenced by my header above its a pretty neat feature, though the quality leaves something to be desired it’s pretty low res. Here are other shots during my last exploit:


On my last Playthrough I unlocked an SMG to be used at the beginning of the game. I was walking around at the top of the ridge expecting it to already be in my inventory when I actually ran into the weapon box behind a Bush.


The strange thing is since its a Submachine Gun, the tranq gun can only be swapped out to replace it with the SMG. I tried to switch it with my suppressed assault rifle but no go. Maybe I will get to unlock a suppressed sniper rifle with tranq darts. We shall see. I’ve yet to try out the day missions so I will report back my findings at a later date.

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