MGSV:GZ – Play It Again, Snake


My time with the MGSV:GZ app has certainly been substantial since Ground Zeroes has released. I’ve been going mode to mode, discovering some really useful options, both for Ground Zeroes and in-app. This time around I’ve worked my way down to the Cassette Tapes. Just as you would in the game, the app is able to, while synced, access the Tapes that that have been unlocked after the first completion of the Main Mission. Available are Chico’s tapes, Mission Briefings, Peace Walker songs, and Paz’s Diary Tapes.


These tapes are only accessible as I mentioned after first completion of the Main Mission, but Ground Zeroes is not required to be running to actually listen to these tapes. As long as you have WiFi access you can tap into the app server and listen to the tapes on your device as you would with say, you Sony Walkman. Pop in your ear buds for that added 80’s effect.


I’ve been trying to convince some fellow MGSers to use this app as it really does add another dimension to the game. There are tons of different ways to execute gameplay and complete the available missions. And if I hadn’t said this already, every subsequent Playthrough and completion of the missions helps unlock elements in your Mother Base. Why not make it all the more viable with the trusty app?  It’s a great advantage I’m doing my best to take.

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