Hideo Kojima DOES Have To Keep Making Metal Gear Solid!


Remember when Hideo Kojima explicitly expressed a desire to leave the MGS franchise ever since MGS2? Then expressed this same sentiment in every forthcoming MGS title, thereafter? Yea, he’s said it over and over and yet we all have MGSV: Ground Zeroes, and hopefully next year would be The Phantom Pain. Dual Shockers reiterated an interview with Kojima on the site 4gamer.net about whether there will actually be another MGS game after Ground Zeroes/The Phantom Pain. Dual Shockers said:

Kojima-san mentioned that the series has always depicted an era in which America was at the top of its strength, but he feels that this idea of a “strong America” is changing. In this sense, he also feels that this (Metal Gear Solid V) is not the end of his own Metal Gear Solid, but the next one may have a different theme.

I’m always up for a new MGS title so this is always good news. As to who will be directing it remains to be seen. I will be expecting Kojima to once again take the reigns to lead his team.

Source: DualShockers4gamer as translated by Google

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