Alvin’s Food Follies – Porkfection?

I had a chance to revisit the food tents in front of Toronto Union Station again.  I didn’t realize just how much selection was available in such a small space!  Diving in, I discovered Bacon Nation.


Now with such a name comes high expectations from bacon lovers such as Jezza and me (to a degree.) I started to pore over the menu.


Apple Porkfection…hmmm. I do like apples, so I decided to give it a go.


Pulled pork with apple slaw in a bun parmesan and herbed french fries. I had asked the cashier to slice my sandwich in half and was warned that the sandwich would be messy. I didn’t care – messy means tasty in my books.


Yum! This was a good sandwich! The tart and semi-sweet apple slaw cut through the marinated goodness of the tender pulled pork. The fries were very lightly crisp outside and chewy inside. I had initially thought $14 was a bit much to pay, but the serving size left me satsified.

I took a pic of their breakfast menu to see what other stuff they dish out.


Did Bacon Nation live up to my expectations? I didn’t have my bacon, but the pulled pork did win me over. Worth a revisit? Yes!

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