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Earworm: Britney Spears – Stronger

Wrapping up our all female Earworm week, I give to you probably my biggest pop crush back in the day.  Ms. Spears was a constant for me in my mix CD‘s, a constant in my PC wall papers, and just a constant.  Her breakout hit ‘Baby One More Time‘ had her dressed up in a catholic school girl uniform, and like so many other dudes that denied even getting a stiffy for her, I was hooked.

Her music, is not bad, not great, but not bad.  It is your typical pop, bubbly stuff, but it was catchy.  I don’t listen to her stuff much these days, as my musical taste sort of out grew her style.  In any case, I did an Earworm for ‘Baby One More Time’ already, so I give to you ‘Stronger’.  It’s only fitting since, around this time last year, super storm Sandy was creeping up on us, and a lot of the northeast USA (which is where I am) got ravaged.  Stuff was destroyed, lives were lost, but like what a part of the song say’s, ‘Stronger than yesterday’ and I think a lot of us are just that, Stronger, we survived that great tragedy, and we are stronger now than yesterday.

Ides of March

Yeah, the title is sort of clichéd for this month, but who cares.   Anyway, we’re one month closer to closing out the first quarter of the year.  It seems like 2013 just started, close your eyes, and we are three months in already.  With a few games on my list already released, (Fire Emblem: Awakening, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance), it’s not even close to slowing down.  In fact, March has 3 games being released that  I am looking forward to.

Tomb Raider and Sim City 5 get’s released this coming Tuesday (March 5th), and Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel later on in the month.  With a current rotation of 5 games being played (SWTOR, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Resident Evil 6, Medal of Honor: Advance Warfighter) It will be tough to adopt 2 possibly 3 more games on my list.  I may have to hurry up and finish at least MOH:AW, and MGR:R so I can tack on TR and SC5.

We have a few things upcoming for you guys in the works, with the addition of NekkedSnake (aka Solid Cheese), our hits have grown exponentially, and we have to keep rolling with it.  To kick off, we will be launching our new “Top Lists” segment, starting with our Top 10 Ninja’s.  Yeah, there have been many similar lists that have been released in the past from other sites, but I assure you we will add our own spin to it.  We are also trying to get some video content out, but as you can see with the list of games up top, it will be hard to squeeze it in, seeing as I am not that experienced with video production as of yet.

But with all of that, it just makes it that much more exciting.  We hope our subscribers will enjoy it, and we hope that it will attract new ones as well. Please do not be shy on commenting, and letting us know if you like it or hate it.  It will only make us better in providing you with better content.

For now enjoy this video a classic Britney Spears video – Toxic

and, this odd cover from a Static Lullaby – The video is actually pretty good as well as the cover.

Earworm: School week special-“…Baby One More Time” Britney Spears

Continuing with our Earworm school week special, is a song I endlessly listened to while I was in college.  At first I didn’t know who the hell Britney Spears was, and I didn’t really care much for the song whenever I heard it on the radio.  But then, while getting ready for a late day class, I had on MTV, (or was it MTV2?) and they played the music video for …Baby One More Time.  I was pretty much mesmerized from there on in, and my love affair (yes, I am confessing that I was a huge fan of Ms. Spears) for Britney Spears started.  Can you blame me though? I mean the video starts off with her dressed up as a catholic school girl.  I was a closet fan, always turning down the radio in the car whenever one of her songs came on, or just never really paying attention in public.  Now, I really don’t care, even my co-worker Marky Mark admits to it, and we both were singing this very song when it came on SiriusXM’s 90’s on 9 station.  She’s hot, and I am a man, do the math. LoL

Anyhow, this song really reminds me of my early days in college, sitting in my accounting classes, which was long and drawn out, and, well, thoughts of her and this song, and this video made some of those classes go by quicker.

By the way, my favorite part comes at around the 2:47 to 2:52.  Those hip gyrations still melt me to this day. =)

Earworm: “Toxic” by Britney Spears

First off, this song is awesome. No dispute from anyone. This song, is just… epic.

I’m addicted, okay?

Oh, the diversity of my music library! This killer song is on repeat, and it’s now my Earworm.

There should be no need to explain the awesomeness of this song to anyone. Or the video. Britney is damn sexy in the video. Just… awesomeness all around for this song.

*I do apologize for the possible Nicki Minaj image that appears if you decide to watch this intense jam on YouTube.

**Nicki Minaj is no bueno.