Earworm: Britney Spears – Stronger

Wrapping up our all female Earworm week, I give to you probably my biggest pop crush back in the day.  Ms. Spears was a constant for me in my mix CD‘s, a constant in my PC wall papers, and just a constant.  Her breakout hit ‘Baby One More Time‘ had her dressed up in a catholic school girl uniform, and like so many other dudes that denied even getting a stiffy for her, I was hooked.

Her music, is not bad, not great, but not bad.  It is your typical pop, bubbly stuff, but it was catchy.  I don’t listen to her stuff much these days, as my musical taste sort of out grew her style.  In any case, I did an Earworm for ‘Baby One More Time’ already, so I give to you ‘Stronger’.  It’s only fitting since, around this time last year, super storm Sandy was creeping up on us, and a lot of the northeast USA (which is where I am) got ravaged.  Stuff was destroyed, lives were lost, but like what a part of the song say’s, ‘Stronger than yesterday’ and I think a lot of us are just that, Stronger, we survived that great tragedy, and we are stronger now than yesterday.

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