Alphabet Soup – L


L is for Limousine which also happens to be a Lincoln.

L is for Limousine which also happens to be a Lincoln.



L is for Logo, like the one for the Toronto Blue Jays who we, the Toronto faithful, are anticipating to take Game 1 of the ALCS and continue on to bring home the bacon! #GOJAYSGO #jwab #alphabetsoup

Want to participate but don’t know how?  Check out the calendar below to see what letter we are on.  Post your photo on flickr or instagram and don’t forget to tag #jwab and #alphabetsoup!

October Calendar

October Calendar

HTC One – Month later (Update)

Back Side

HTC One – Month later

So it’s been a month since I’ve bought my HTC One, and it still brings me joy to use as it did on the first day.  The screen still looks incredibly clear.  Watching videos is still very much joyous. Switching back and forth between my old Galaxy Nexus and the HTC One, the difference is quite drastic.  It just pops more on the One. The Boom speakers still amazes me when I use it.  I’ve gotten a lot of positive comments on how the sound….sounds great, and as well as the screen. (more…)

Join Spotify!

I know, I know. Pandora has been your go to. Or maybe you just pirate your music. Possibly you just use YouTube for all of it.

Well now is the time to stop that. Ever wonder how I come up with such obscure songs for my Earworms? Well you shouldn’t, because I try my best to inform you lot of how I came across the songs. Regardless, the predominant culprit is Spotify. (more…)

Reflections of Facebook

I challenged myself. I surprised all my peers by actually killing myself off of a social network.

Most people that know me would take it upon themselves to call me a social media buff, with an account for nearly everything. A Facebook, a Tumblr (, a Twitter (@thisguypatrick), an Instagram (@thisguypatrick), a GetGlue, a Foursquare, Snapchat, a personal Blogger, a Google+, an AIM  (but let’s not kid ourselves here, no one uses that shit anymore), and this currently stagnant WordPress.

Just last week, however, I deactivated my Facebook. I wanted to take time away from the computer, from looking at my phone, from making stupid status updates irrelevant to nearly all of my friends list. And for a bit it worked, barely.

While I no longer automatically click the Facebook bookmark as soon as I open Google Chrome, I do find myself more inclined to open YouTube, Google Music, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Essentially, by taking myself off of one social network, I’ve been able to dedicate more time to other things that require my attention to be on my laptop. And with finals on the way, this does not seem good for me.

I will keep you updated on this.

Random photo of the day – November 12, 2012 Instagram Edition

Sunset over the lake.

I have a love hate relationship with Instagram. I love it for it’s quick and easy edits on photos, which makes ho-hum cell phone shots into pieces of art, and I hate it cause it’s a quick and easy way to edit photos, and makes us photographers that put hours in the digital dark room processing/editing shots look bad.

In any case, it does show off the one thing a photographer has that cannot be replaced by apps, and what not..and it’s his vision.

I hope you enjoy this quick shot I took over the weekend whilst enjoying a 6 mile walk.


Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Android 4.1

Random photo of the day – November 7, 2012 Instagram Edition

This came out a while ago, a way to embed your Instgrams on to WordPress blogs.  I’m quite the avid Instgrammer since it’s release for Android (follow me,, and this news excited me.

Anyway, we did just get power back, and we are still trying to get back to normalcy.  Now we have a storm, a Nor-Easter in fact hitting us up here in the north east.  This will definitely slow down the recovery process from Hurricane Sandy, but it’s not as destructive. I hope everyone out there that were in the area of Sandy is alright, and getting up back on their 2 feet, and also hope that no one they personally know got the worst of it.

Situations like that make you appreciate everything that you have.

So, today’s random photo is a shot I took whilst on my commute home.  Snow covered platform.

Random photo of the day – October 17, 2012

More randomness, I mean totally random. I am trying to post stuff I’ve already shot before, and try to bring you newer shots. It’s a win win, since I really do need to get my head back into shooting, regardless of what camera I use, Cell phone, P/S, DSLR or otherwise.

Today I bring you some of the stuff that populate my desk. It’s typical in almost everyone’s desk, but, eh, it had some sort of colour combination or whatever. I thought it made for an interesting instagram shot.


Motorola Droid Bionic

Random photo of the Day – October 12, 2012

My lunch from Terakawa Ramen, 23rd st. and Irving (or Lex.). It’s as good as it looks if not better. It’s a lot of food for $9.oo. A must if you are in the area.

Terakawa Ramen

Motorola Droid Bionic

Random photo of the Day – October 12, 2012

So today is totally random. This was a little treat from our boss. Well the last of the treats, there was another apple pie and a caramel sundae that was already consumed before I took this shot.

Apple Pie

Motorola Droid Bionic

Random Flickr Photo of the Day – September 17, 2012

Some months ago, I got to visit Vancouver BC, up in the pacific northwest. What a beautiful place. Weather was nice and cool, despite the rain. We got to sta in West Vancouver, and a few blocks away was the Lonsdale Quay. A market place if you will on a pier, similar to South Street Seaport in NYC.

It was very early in the AM, as we were still in Eastern Standard time, and the place was still empty. While checking out the views, there was this Tug Boat, just floating, waiting to be put to work that day.

At this time, I was just sort of getting into Instagram, and I snapped a photo with my Motorola Droid Bionic. I really like how the shot came out, and with Instagram’s filters, it gave the shot some sort of personality.

I have reservations about Instagram still, as it makes us photographers that slave at post-processing, editing to make our shot(s) how we want it to look, look easy. Gives everyone else the idea that it’s not that complicated.

Anyway, that’s for another time and rant to be discussed ina future blog (maybe).


Tug Boat

Motorola Droid Bionic


And a happy Monday to all!