My first shot at a reblog for this blog. Personally, one of my favorite shows, all-time, hands down. Series 7 premiered last Saturday, and I would love to share it with you guys. Oh, and Jenna Louise Coleman is smoking hot. Can we all agree?

Gerard McGarry

So, the season premiere of Doctor Who has aired and the internet is a-buzz with talk about the BIG REVEAL. But what I wanted to look at in this post is how many of Steven Moffat’s previous story ideas have been recycled for Asylum Of The Daleks.

Moffat’s re-used themes and ideas from his earlier episodes in the past. The Eleventh Hour was practically riddled with quotes and throwbacks to episodes of Doctor Who that Moffat had written while Russell T Davies was showrunner. Here are five ways Asylum Of The Daleks ‘borrows’ from earlier ideas…

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