Amazon joins up with Epix – Moar selections!

Awesome news, Amazon Prime just joined up with Epix.  In short us Amazon Prime Subscribers now have more videos to choose from.  Let’s be honest, Prime was sort of lacking compared to Netflix in the video department, BUT it does have other benefits, such as free shipping on orders, and a free book loaned to you every month. (I took advantage of that already by taking out the Hunger Games).

Now I feel even better for getting a Prime subscription rather than Netflix.

Thanks to Engadget for the news

One comment

  1. Amazon certainly has had a lot of good news recently regarding their Instant Video library, but they have some catching up to do in comparison to other providers. The truth though is that none of the streaming subscriptions can compare to the huge selection of disc by-mail. I get Blu-ray whenever possible for that quality so that’s why I’m thankful that my employer, Dish, bought Blockbuster because now Blockbuster @Home gives me both streaming and Blu-ray by-mail for less than both services from Netflix. The best selection and quality of movies with instant gratification are what I get from both streaming and mail, so I get to have my cake and eat it too.

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