Volkswagen Golf GTI Mark 7

I like it, it’s not overly different from the Mark 6, which I have, but it’s different enough to make it look new and refreshed. I think it is a bit more angulared than the previous generation, more sleek looking. I’m not sure if I like the single red accent on the bottom of the grille which extends to the head lights.

I do like the fact that they colour matched the lower part of the front fascia, which they dind’t do with the Mark 6’s. Some owners colour match it, and I think looks more aesthetically pleasing. The only other thing that I’m not too crazy about is how the fins extend to the fog lights. Overall, I think the face has this mischeivous grin look to it, and it suits the personality of the car well.

Volkswagen GTI Mark 7

Volkswagen GTI Mark 7

I also like the new look Detroit/Huff’s. I’m not sure what city they are going to be naming these new wheels after, but they do keep that same unique and distinct look. The stock wheels by far gets the most attention. I’ve been asked a lot if they are aftermarket or custom wheels, and more often than not, it grabs the attention of on-lookers, and that usually starts off the conversation about the car itself.

With an all new platform, and some weight reduction from the use of lighter weight materials, the Mark 7 GTI will sure be a blast to drive, just as it was to drive the previous generations. I’m entering 1 year of ownership with my Mark 6, and it still gives me a smile on my face everytime I get behind the wheel.

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  1. Been looking at a bunch of pictures of the MKVII since reading your emails to me, it looks even more menacing. I really like the slimmed down look on it. That front bumper looks sexy with the color matching.

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