Day: October 22, 2012

Random Flickr photo of the day – October 22, 2012

Dead Bug

Apologies, I am a bit late in posting this photo.  I was a bit torn on what to post today, and I was also busy at work earlier, and I could not sneak it in.  In any case, I don’t know what sort of insect this is, but I found it somewhere, and I decided to keep it in a film canister for photo purposes.  Set on a white poster board, it made for a nice peaceful photo if you may.

I used my Nikon D700 with the Micro Nikkor 60mm Macro, and a Nikon SB900 flassh pointed up.

Dead Bug

Nikon D700
Nikkor 60mm
Nikon SB900
60 mm
ISO 200
0 EV