Day: October 9, 2012

Sans NYCC 2012

It is my deep regret that I just wrote a blog will NOT be attending this year’s New York City Comic Con.  Due to procrastination, and pretty much a total disregard for time, I was unable to purchase tickets for this years event.  Basically, I forgot it was coming up, and when I had time to go get tickets, it was pretty much sold out.  Hopefully we will be able to go to other similar events, and next year, we will have a better online presence to provide everyone with a complete or near complete coverage of the event.



Random Flickr photo of the day – October 9, 2012

I actually didn’t shoot this.  My friend shot this, and this image is highly edited.  This was during possibly the greatest vacation I ever took.  End of summer 2009, I went to the Pacific Northwest for a few days for fun and relaxation.  It was all of that and then some.  Just travelling without and stress is a worth ten times more than the cost of the trip itself.

My friend showed me around the Seattle area, and we took a drive down to  Portland, Oregon for the day.  On the drive back, we elected to drive towards the Pacific Coast Highway, to stop by the Pacific Ocean.  We got there a few minutes before the sun started to set.  I took a few shots of my own of the sun set, and little did I know my friend was taking photos of me taking photos of the scenery.  I turned around and saw her, so I decided to take a pic of her also, and this was that photo.  I ended up messing around wit it a bit in photoshop, and I made it look like i was shooting the sunset instead of me taking a picture of her.

Shooting the sun

Photo by Kat Sezto – Post processing by Jean-Paul de Guzman
Nikon D90
52 mm
ISO 200

And for comparisons sake, here is the original image, straight RAW conversion to JPG.