Day: October 28, 2012

Stay safe from Sandy

The east coast of the US is about to get hit by a massive storm. Please everyone, be smart and safe, during this hurricane. Lots of lives down in the Caribbean has already been lost, and we don’t need to see any unnecessary lives lost once this thing hits. Stay indoors, and don’t go out unless needed, like if you need to get away from floods or what not.

I myself am already stuck in NJ for the next few days with NYC closing up, and my train service, the New Jersey Transit shutting down. Again, stay safe everyone!



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Earworm: “Paradise” by Coldplay

A really good mix of electronic beats with Chris Martin’s soothing Brit-rock voice. Can’t be beaten.

It’s been played to death by the radio, but it still has a place in my music library. I still love this song. Damn.

Some special meaning behind this post, as well. I’m posting this about 4 days after the 1st anniversary of the release of this amazing song.