Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance update

Metal Gear Solid: Rising


After my blaring recommendation yesterday, I might have to pull it back some.  I played a bit more today, and the camera system on this game is just horrendous.  For a game with such a high pace and fast action, the camera can’t seem to keep up.  I’ve had unnecessary deaths due to the camera not being able to decide on where to place itself.  It’s probably one of the worst camera system’s I have played with so far.  It totally detracts from everything else that is so good with the game, and just ruins the whole experience.  Maybe I need to play with some settings as what NekkedSnake suggested, but at this point, I just need to put the controller down, and take a breather.

Yes I may be over reacting right now, but hopefully my tune will change tomorrow once I come to terms with taming this camera issue




  1. I honestly have to agree about the camera. It’s a poor choice for Platinum to implement a cam that constantly follows you the way it does and when fighting enemies the cam swings around unnecessarily. I Demo had this problem initially which I thought would he fixed in the full version but I guess not.

    One quick solution that might work if you don’t want to fiddle with the options is to avoid attacks via Ninja Run (hold R1 and run) or Ninja Run Slide (hold R1, run and press /_\ triangle).

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