What are you playing this weekend?

It’s the weekend, and for some of us nine-to-fivers it’s a good time to catch up on some gaming.  With me just recently finishing Tomb Raider, (final impressions to come soon) I can finally catch up on some of the game’s I’ve pushed off to the side.  I am on the last section of Medal Of Honor: Advanced Warfighter, and last night Pat and I just started playing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.



First impressions, so far so good, it’s a slow paced game.  It took us about 3 hours to complete 2 stages.  Most of it was due to the learning curve, but the control layouts are similar to that of pretty much any game.  It’s just learning the game itself.  Graphics are good, not amazing, but good, voice acting and sound effects are also on par.

Sadly, I write this in my work PC, as I am doing some fun fun OT in this beautiful NYC day.  I see it as more funds for my gaming and toy addictions.

So, drop a comment below and let us know what you are playing this weekend.  Happy gaming everyone!
I leave you with this movie short on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.  A prequel of sorts that UBI Soft released prior to the game’s release last year.

[youtube http://youtu.be/pSEcsWcnHy4]


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