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What are you playing this weekend?

It’s the weekend, and for some of us nine-to-fivers it’s a good time to catch up on some gaming.  With me just recently finishing Tomb Raider, (final impressions to come soon) I can finally catch up on some of the game’s I’ve pushed off to the side.  I am on the last section of Medal Of Honor: Advanced Warfighter, and last night Pat and I just started playing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.




Tomb Raider: Impressions update

I need a spa-day

I got the chance to play the game a bit more today, and I did experience my first frustrations.  There’s a part where you’re being swept down a mountain by gravity and strong currents and you have to dodge some obstacles.  Thing was it was hard to see what to dodge.  I died maybe 8 times via impalement in the neck.  It was quite disturbing to see Lara get stabbed by a rod in the neck.  I guess if you are in that situation, you wont have much time to really move about.  After finally managing to get out of that section alive, the next part, which was graphically gorgeous, involved a parachute and some tall trees.  Again, you had to maneuver yourself to avoid the trees, otherwise, Lara gets impaled in the torso.   (more…)

Tomb Raider: Impressions



There’s not too many game’s that I own (and I do have a pretty hefty collection) that I can safely say I have enjoyed playing every second of.  I can probably count it with one hand.  The reboot of Tomb Raider is one of them, so far.  It’s been about a week since I had purchased the game, and I’ve played about an hour or so since (minus the weekend).   Even the QTE filled first hour or tutorial segment wasn’t as annoying as I had anticipated.  Anyway, this new iteration of Tomb Raider is so much more like Naughty Dog‘s Uncharted, rather than the Tomb Raiders of old.  Now, even though I own a couple of the older games, I haven’t really played them, so I cannot make a direct comparison yet on how the game evolved.  (Perhaps i’ll crack open my XBox 360 Anniversary edition and give it a go)


Tomb Raider collectors edition un-boxing.

Tomb Raider collectors edition contents unpacked with guide.


Before I get cracking on the game, I thought I’d post up the video of the un-boxing real quickly. It’s a nicely put together package. I really need to get a better set up for un-boxing, so bear with me on the first few ones we are going to be posting, or have posted. Enjoy, and stay tuned later for my initial impressions. Right now the game is just looping behind me, and I am itching to play.



Tomb Raider is here!




After some odd system’s malfunctions at Best Buy, I finally picked up my collectors edition Tomb Raider, as well as the Limited edition guide.  After I get a quick bite to eat, I will be doing the un-boxing video, and playing it for a bit, then reporting back to you guys initial impressions.

Stay Tuned