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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Impressions [UPDATE]

Just a quick update on my progress on the Definitive Edition of  Tomb Raider.  Even though I had beaten the PS3 version (100% on the single player campaign), I still find myself enjoying Lara’s rebooted adventure.  It’s actually a bit fun now, as I’m just really toying with the NPC’s, even with Lara’s low skill level at this point in the game.  Anyway, I find the graphics to be great, and it does add another layer of challenge to the game.  Early on in the game, with the weather ravaging and slowing Lara’s progress, with blinding lightning, and rain drops filling the screen, it makes for an added element of hardship, and it makes you feel like you are there.

I mentioned before the jungle seems more livelier on this version as opposed to the PS3 or even the PC version on ultimate.  Lara’s clothes also seemed more detailed.  These are just initial findings though.  I need to catch up on the PC version to see more and do a better comparison graphically.  The few little things that they added to the PS4 version is a nice touch, like using the Dual Shock 4’s speakers for foot steps, gun fire, and other arbitrary sound effects.  It’s not much, but it somehow add’s a lot.  I notice the sound effects sound a bit better.  Once I get my capture rig going again, I’ll post more video’s of all 3 versions.  For now I leave you with some screen shots done via the PS4’s share button.  I did adjust them slightly for clarity.


Lighting effects are great

Lighting effects are great

Facial detail is absolutely stunning

Facial detail is absolutely stunning


Nice textures on her hand wrap

Nice textures on her hand wrap

She really needs a day in the spa

She really needs a day in the spa

Tomb Raider Comic

Hot off the heels of the successful reboot of Tomb Raider, comes a comic book by Dark Horse comics. The story line will take place right after the events of the game, and will be written by Gail Simone. I haven’t been in the comics game in a while, but this excites me. I don’t know, I am in full Tomb Raider mode. The reboot totally won me over. Check out the preview art below.


Tomb Raider (Definitive Edition) Quick Screen Cap. Comparo / Impressions

I just finished playing a few minutes of Tomb Raider – Definitive Edition (TR-DE) and took a couple of screen captures.  I did the same on the PC side.  Well, see for yourself.


Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition

Tomb Raider – Definitive Edition


Tomb Raider – Definitive Edition (PS4 finally gets some use!)

Last year’s reboot of Tomb Raider was, one of my favorite games that came out last year, and perhaps one of my favorite games of all time.  Graphics were great, controls were tight, and the story was right up there.  Supporting cast was, well, not very supportive, but Lara herself had enough gusto to carry everything in her young shoulders.  Fast forward to about roughly a year (OK so about 11 months and change), Tomb Raider: (more…)

Lara Croft Fan Film

I love fan films, since fans tend to stay true to the subject matter, and they don’t muck it up with visions of grandeur.  Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way, and this Tomb Raider/Lara Croft fan film fits the bill.  It’s still a bit cheesy, but, it’s a helluva lot better than Angelina’s rendition about a decade or so ago.



What are you playing this weekend?

It’s the weekend, and for some of us nine-to-fivers it’s a good time to catch up on some gaming.  With me just recently finishing Tomb Raider, (final impressions to come soon) I can finally catch up on some of the game’s I’ve pushed off to the side.  I am on the last section of Medal Of Honor: Advanced Warfighter, and last night Pat and I just started playing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.




Happauge PVR 2 Impressions and a quick Tomb Raider Gameplay video



A few days ago, I finally bit the bullet and bought a Happauge PVR 2 to provide you guys with some additional content on the games we are playing.  I had bought this knowing that it will not work with the PS3 using HDMI.  Since it has HDCP protection, you need to hook up your PS3 via component connection, and not HDMI.  Anyway, the install, and set up on the PC was pretty straight forward.  I just had to reset my PS3 video settings to do component since I was hooked up via HDMI.  Long story short, after about a 15 or so minutes, installing the software, hooking it up, and resetting my PS3, I was up and running.   (more…)

Tomb Raider: Impressions update

I need a spa-day

I got the chance to play the game a bit more today, and I did experience my first frustrations.  There’s a part where you’re being swept down a mountain by gravity and strong currents and you have to dodge some obstacles.  Thing was it was hard to see what to dodge.  I died maybe 8 times via impalement in the neck.  It was quite disturbing to see Lara get stabbed by a rod in the neck.  I guess if you are in that situation, you wont have much time to really move about.  After finally managing to get out of that section alive, the next part, which was graphically gorgeous, involved a parachute and some tall trees.  Again, you had to maneuver yourself to avoid the trees, otherwise, Lara gets impaled in the torso.   (more…)

Tomb Raider: Impressions



There’s not too many game’s that I own (and I do have a pretty hefty collection) that I can safely say I have enjoyed playing every second of.  I can probably count it with one hand.  The reboot of Tomb Raider is one of them, so far.  It’s been about a week since I had purchased the game, and I’ve played about an hour or so since (minus the weekend).   Even the QTE filled first hour or tutorial segment wasn’t as annoying as I had anticipated.  Anyway, this new iteration of Tomb Raider is so much more like Naughty Dog‘s Uncharted, rather than the Tomb Raiders of old.  Now, even though I own a couple of the older games, I haven’t really played them, so I cannot make a direct comparison yet on how the game evolved.  (Perhaps i’ll crack open my XBox 360 Anniversary edition and give it a go)