Tomb Raider – Definitive Edition (PS4 finally gets some use!)

Last year’s reboot of Tomb Raider was, one of my favorite games that came out last year, and perhaps one of my favorite games of all time.  Graphics were great, controls were tight, and the story was right up there.  Supporting cast was, well, not very supportive, but Lara herself had enough gusto to carry everything in her young shoulders.  Fast forward to about roughly a year (OK so about 11 months and change), Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is dropped on PS4, and XBox One.  I was just as excited when this was announced a few months ago, much like how I was excited when I learned about the reboot some years ago.  This is suppose to be how the game was intended to be, at least in the graphics department.  Crystal Dynamics did a thorough job in redoing the visuals to match it up with the PS4, and XB1’s hardware power.  I also recently snatched up Tomb Raider for the PC at a dirt cheap price of $5.00 from Amazon during the holidays, and I must say, the PC version looks astounding.  After I take care of some odd ends, I will pop in the game, and attempt to do some captures.

I will TRY to do a triple comparison between the PS3, the PS4, and the PC versions of  the game.  For now, relive my impressions post, and some comparisons IGN did some weeks ago.

Box art

Box art


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