Month: August 2016

Jezza’s Gift Follies

Every year for my birthday, my lovely wife always asks me “what do you want for your birthday?”, and I always respond with a resounding “dunno”.  I did come back with something once I think about it for a couple of days.

This year, I chose the Think Tank Photo Retrospective 30 Camera bag as my gift of choice.  I am in desperate need of a functional, yet compact camera bag.  My Tamrac Pro-12 is too big and bulky, and my Tenba Messenger bag (I forget the model number) is getting too small, or is small, or my gear just doesn’t fit in it anymore, or at least it’s not meeting my current needs.

Now, why the Think Tank Retrospective 30 you ask? Well allow me to explain. I listen to this obnoxious photographer’s podcast called Raw Talk. That photographer is Jared Polin aka the Fro.  If you don’t know who he is, watch or listen to his weekly podcast, Raw Talk.  Jared and Co. (Stephen, Todd, DDDan, and Noah) are a blast to listen to.

But anyway, what does listening to some dude’s podcast made me pick a particular camera bag?  Well, Jared sells his own version of one (linky here) and he spoke very highly of it.  (as he should since he’s peddling it. LoL)   I took a closer look, and it practically fits my needs. I would have bought his “I Shoot Raw” branded version, but I like to be a bit more discrete.

So now it brings me to my predicament.  My wife ordered the bag through Amazon, which was being sold by a third party seller through Amazon. It was Prime eligible, and was going to be arriving the day of my birthday.  I come home, and I see all the gifts she had for me waiting for me and a mysterious Phottix boom stand box. (see pic)




Snappy Fridays – “Mount up!”


Tricia is raring to go.

Tricia (my Jeep Patriot) has the bikes mounted and cargo loaded!  With that said, off we go on another weekend road trip adventure.  Until my next post, see you all on instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Digital Follies – Open Streets Toronto (Aug. 21, 2016)

Road Closed! Yonge Street, looking north from Shuter Street.

Road Closed for Open Streets!  Yonge Street, looking north from Shuter Street.


Well, it was raining on the Saturday night that had just past, and I was concerned that on Sunday it would be a bit too wet to bike out to Bloor Street and Yonge Street where Open Streets Toronto was being held.  To my delight, the moisture dried up and it turned out to be a beautiful day!  It was a great change from the heat waves that ravaged the city for the past few weeks.



Alvin’s Musical Follies – Alvin Restrings a Cute Guitar


No, this is not my guitar. The owner is my son’s classmate.  I was just asked to replace the strings on this guitar, but I gave it a bit more.  This cute, black beauty, needed some TLC.


Snappy Fridays – Roy Thomson Hall

I was walking from Metro Hall to work today and looked over at Roy Thomson Hall.  “Hmm…” I thought to myself. “I don’t recall getting a photo of this place from this angle before…”

Snappy Facts:

– Capacity: 2630

– Opened: 1982

– Home for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Mendelssohn Choir

– During its conception and construction, Roy Thomson Hall was known as New Massey Hall.  Its official name was acquired on January 14, after a CAD $4.5 M donation from the family of Roy Thomson.

Sources: blogto.comwikipedia

Alvin’s Road Trip Follies – A Visit to Portland, Maine for “C-Food?”

Back off! Get your own butter!

Back off! Get your own butter! (Taken at Lobster Cooker, Freeport, ME) – LowFi filter applied from Instagram.


Well, with 1000 km’s under my belt as a warm-up for this year’s driving season (yes, it was a late start for me), it was time to step up to the big-leagues and head over to Maine.  What prompted me to go?  Well it wasn’t the seafood, that was for sure – I’m allergic to pretty much anything that comes from the water.  I was purely in this trip for the drive and to see the sights! (Warning: Another very long read!) (more…)

Snappy Fridays – Taste the Rainbows

Well really it was a Thursday Snappy.  Saw a double rainbow on my way home last night.  Does this mean double luck?


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Snappy Fridays – Guitar Tune-up

Well…ok…I’m posting this on a Saturday… SNAPPY SATURDAY.  HAPPY?  LOL!

Several weeks ago, I got back into an old hobby of mine: cleaning and restringing guitars.  I do play a bit of guitar and tool a bit with my two (almost) 30 year-old steel-string acoustics, which I may snap later on.

Anyway, my friend’s very well used and loved guitar is pictured here. I had offered to prep it (and have it “show ready”) for his son.  This was because his son was going to use it to perform his first live performance.

If you want to see some of the “before” pics and some “after” pics, read on…


Seeking Help – Need your votes!

Attention JWAB nation! I would ask if you all  can just vote for these two talented people.  It is but a small favour for a friend. It’s a simple email entry, and I think it’s 1 vote per 24 hours. Oh, and don’t forget to validate the email so that the vote counts.   This is much appreciated. Thank you!

Alvin’s Digital Follies – An Ontario Road Trip

The Map Of Our Weekend Ontario Road Trip

The map Of Our Long Weekend Ontario Road Trip.  It is not our exact route, but yes, it was 1000+ kilometers!