Alvin’s Food Follies – Is Me.N.u A New “Ritual”? XD

There are just those days when you have good food looking right at you and you just don’t know it until you try.  Yesterday was one of those days for me.



Fro’s Massive Contest

Jared Polin aka Fro, is giving away your choice of a Nikon D810, Canon 5Ds or Sony A7RII, and some other prices. Simply go to this link http://froknowsphoto.com/giveaways/jigunda/?lucky=128703 and enter your email. It’s that simple.

I entered, you should too!. Also here’s a video of him ‘splaining.

Jezza’s Digital Follies – So many (cell-phone) cameras! (and some horses)


Recently, the world famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses rode through town to do a beer run.  They actually had to drop off a case of Bud at each of the local bars.  Well in any case, it became a spectacle.  I wasn’t actually expecting it to be that ‘chaotic’.  I’m not really going to talk about the horses.  Sure, they were magnificent beasts, all very well mannered and groomed to perfection.  No, I really want to talk about the cell phone or ‘iPhone-tography’ (is that what it is really called?) that’s just the craze these days. (more…)

Jezza’s Gadget Follies – To (6)P or Not to (6)P

To (6)P or Not to (6)P



Hi, my name is Jezza and I am a phone-a-holic. (Ed: He’s a founding member of Phon-a-holics Annonymous -Alvin-) It’s no secret, I get tired of my smart phones very quickly, and obviously manufacturers do not make it easy with yearly releases, with new features, shine new finishes, etc, etc, etc. Anyhow, since 2013, I’ve had basically a new phone a year, (more…)

Never Forgotten

14 Years ago we faced one of the biggest atrocities this country has ever experienced. I will never forget what I saw that day, the feelings I had, the emotions…

As I sit here on my desk, staring at the Freedom Towers, I can’t even imagine if was sitting here 14 years ago, and seeing that from my desk. I did see Tower 2 fall in a roof top parking lot, and I still can’t believe it to this day that it happened.

From all of us here at JustWroteABlog, a moment of silence to the heroes and the victims of that day.

Photo courtesy of http://markwalston.com/

It’s A Weekend Thing – “Labour-ious” Weekend Events in the T-Dot!

Credit: Intersection/Yonge Dundas Square

Credit: Intersection/Yonge Dundas Square

It goes without saying that the Labour Day weekend is, unofficially, the last days of summer.  Without further ado, here’s my list of things happening around town.  Items 2, 3 and 4 you need to have tickets (although read up on #4 – there are ways to see it for “free”), but otherwise these events are free.  Have a great weekend! (more…)