Who deserves more credit?

I, since the planting of basketball into my brain, have been a Miami Heat fan.

I stand by my mindset that if the Heat don’t make it farther into the playoffs, I will only root for the east team so long as they are not the Knicks, which is a surprise, because I was

  • a) Named after Patrick Ewing (with some underlying reasons as to why my name is Patrick as well, but you know, I’m not my parents, so I don’t know the whole story, nor will I ever, because it changes every so often when my mom tells me)
  • b) born and raised in Queens, NYC, New York.


Earworm: “Goodnight Moon” by Go Radio.

Guys, I’m really sorry that I’ve been slacking on my posts. I went stagnant, had to deal with a bunch of kids this past weekend, and I really have to get back on my grind. So here it is, my Earworm for today.

Just a soothing tune, a song to calm the mind and relax with. A ballad for lovers and the hopelessly romantic.

But damn, is this a good song. Go Radio is a rock band from Florida, formed by former vocalist/guitarist/lyricist of Mayday Parade, Jason Lancaster. The dude has an angelic voice, and I think that, along with the piano ringing in the background, makes the whole song.

I found out about this song way back when, around last Halloween, I believe. And I have never truly gotten rid of it in my mind.

(Yes, the children’s story, “Goodnight Moon,” inspired the song.)