Who deserves more credit?

I, since the planting of basketball into my brain, have been a Miami Heat fan.

I stand by my mindset that if the Heat don’t make it farther into the playoffs, I will only root for the east team so long as they are not the Knicks, which is a surprise, because I was

  • a) Named after Patrick Ewing (with some underlying reasons as to why my name is Patrick as well, but you know, I’m not my parents, so I don’t know the whole story, nor will I ever, because it changes every so often when my mom tells me)
  • b) born and raised in Queens, NYC, New York.

Along with being an avid Heat fan, my favorite basketball players of all time are

  1. Dwyane Wade
  2. Gilbert Arenas
  3. Allen Iverson
  4. Dwight Howard
  5. LeBron James

Anyway, with the Miami Heat trying to repeat their feat of being the “world champions,” it’s difficult to say who on the Heat deserves the credit for carrying them on this streak. Most of sports media has this as a hot debate topic, and I felt like I should add my flame to the kindling fire.

The Miami Heat is Dwyane Wade’s team. American Airlines Arena is the house that Wade built. No one can take that title from him in my perspective. The Flash recruited LeBron and Bosh, and thereby orchestrated these coming years to be consecutive championship runs.

LeBron is unstoppable, Wade complements LeBron, and Bosh is the anchor.

During this streak, however, without Wade AND LeBron playing in complete sync together and Bosh staying consistent, the streak would not even be spoken of. I find it incomprehensible why the media insists on individualizing the credit for a team game. I mean, if they were speaking of legendary ballhogs Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson (who are actually renowned passers as well), then it’d be understandable to solely credit them.

For the streak, I give credit to the heart of the team for playing as best as they can.

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