Alex Clare – Too Close (Earworm)

As i’m sitting there, piping up some sink or something at work, and sort of not paying attention to whatever was playing on SiriusXM, my co-worker suddenly says; ” Oh, I like that song, turn it up!”

I look over, and for the 3rd time that day (the 14th of Aug.), this ‘Too Close’ by a one Alex Clare was playing.  I didn’t really pay attention to the first 2 times they played it, but now since my co-worker likes this song, I was more than inclined to pay attention to it a bit.  I have to say, not quite what I normally listen to, but it was pretty good.  Bit of a dub-step going on in there also.  He (my co-worker, which we shall call Marky-Mark) mentions that he first heard this from a commercial, of which he could not remember.  A quick google and voila, it was used in Microsofts IE spot.

In any case, I present to you our first earworm entry, Alex Clare – Too Close

and the commercial.

Suffice to say, it’s been stuck in my head since yesterday, and now I am interested in hearing more of what he’s got.

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