Bye bye G4, Bye Bye

I’m not quite sure if this is sad news or not, but I’ve read from various sources that G4 will be dissolved, and rebranded by parent company NBC Universal.  From what i’ve read, they will want to focus more on the male GQ type thing (I really don’t know what that means), and still keep the “tech savvy roots”.  I think, when G4 first started about a decade ago, it was just that, like a Maxim on TV.  I’ve been watching G4 before it was even G4.  Back in the TechTV day’s mostly.  But most of the shows from TechTV got dumped with the exception of X-Play.  They did bring out their own original programming like Cheat, (which somehow got replaced with Cheaters), and Arena, but those soon bit the bullet too.  The only other long time running program they have is Attack of the Show.

Most of their program lineup really just consists of Cops, Cheaters, and Movies that Don’s Suck.  They will play Ninja Warrior on occasion.  AOTS hasn’t been the same since Olivia Munn left, don’t get me wrong, Candace Bailey is hot in her own right, but I think Olivia Munn just has a certain X-Factor about her.  With the recent departure of Kevin Pereira, I was sort of concerned with where the show was headed.  His departure came not long after Adam Sessler’s sudden departure from X-Play.  Practically 2 staples, and 2 faces of the G4 suddenly gone, in the back of my head, it made me question what the future of the shows, or even the stations was going to be.

After that fall out over the summer, I found myself not catching up to X-Play and AOTS.  It was just not the same without Sess, and KP.  I still did DVR it, but I just never bothered to watch it that night.  As it stands I’m still in the July shows for both.

Now with this news of NBC Universal rebranding the channel, I’m not quite sure X-Play or AOTS will still be in the mix.  I’m gonna be honest though, X-Play has sucked a bit in the last year or so.  It was just not the same anymore, even more so with Adam gone.
I don’t know if i’m even going to miss the channel being gone if i’m honest.

One of Olivia Munn’s highlights at AOTS

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