Earworm: School week special – “Say You’ll Be There” Spice Girls

I was a sophomore in HS when I first found about the Spice Girls from my little cousin.  She was going crazy about them, and had me search the interwebs when she came over for a visit.  Back in the day, we had to dial up, and get amazing speeds of 28.8 Kbps.  Imagine the speed at which we were to get info then.  Anyway, I later found out one of my buddies in school also liked them, and i mean what’s not to like, 5 very attractive British girls, ’nuff said.

From then on in, I sort of followed them on and off, and with my buddy liking them more than I did, he’d just share his cd’s and gave me recordings on a cassette.  (burning a cd wasn’t a household thing yet)
This song in particular reminds me of those days long gone by.


This would be my final entry into our school week special.  Next week, Cartoon Themes!


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