Earworm: “Woo Boost” by Rusko.

Um, well, yes, this is dubstep. Woo-woo-woo-bahbahbah-woop. That kinda ish, y’know? The noise your grandparents complain about.

I guess this is a popular dubstep song to begin with, but I heard it first just this weekend in an Adidas outlet store in Deer Park, Long Island. Heard it playing and instantly knew I had to Shazam it.

Not a bad tune to get the energy flowing when painting or drawing or on a photography shoot or driving or whatever you’re doing. Played it all day today when I was drawing. Drawing, drawing, drawing. Arts.

All I can think about lately is arts.

Oh, and the fact that technology is failing on me. My phone is breaking again, although I can safely blame one or two apparatuses, one being the actual charging port itself, or the charging cable I am using. And my mom’s laptop literally crashed as soon as I turned it on.

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