Hey, look who’s FINALLY posting!

It’s been a while, but The Big Cheese and I both figured it was a fitting time to post. We all know we’re thankful that I’m back, am I right?

*cue laugh track*

*cue crickets*

*awkward silence*


On behalf of everyone here at JustWroteABlog and, we’d like to ask you to watch this video.

(As well as have a wonderful, Happy Thanksgiving weekend. Safe shopping, fun partying, best wishes.)

Holidays are over

The holidays are over. What a shame it is, really. After this, people will go back to their regular everyday lives of not giving two hoots about family. And worse, no more gifts (unless your birthday is near, then you’d be lucky to have dinner bought for you)!!!!!!!!!!

It honestly did not even feel like Christmas arrived at all this year. Sure, the gifts were good, but that’s besides the point. I mean that I didn’t feel the warm, toasty loving feeling in the pit of my stomach that would force me to smile and run around screaming like a banshee.

I’m the oldest kid in the family, and so no one is really there to match my inner insanity besides The Big Cheese, but our insanity together gets toned down around la familia.

Anyway, no structure to this, just thoughts in a conglomerate. Next up, New Years, and then it’s back to normal.

Holiday Joy – or lack there of

Well, Christmas has come and gone. I hope everyone got what they were hoping to get and then some, and stayed safe throughout the process. Now it’s the time to start paying off those bills.
These past few holidays has been sub-par. I haven’t really felt all that Christmas spirit as of late. I guess with work, stressing what to gift to get to your special people, fending off the other holiday shoppers, figuring out food, logistics, it’s just not the same anymore as when you were younger. All you worry about is if you are going to get that cool new toy or gadget. This conversation has popped up one too many times this year, and I don’t know, I just can’t get into that holiday joy anymore.

Hopefully it will change next year.

Random photo of the day – November 30, 2012

Pork, the other white meat.  It’s has to me at least a very transparent taste, and it absorbs flavour like no other.  This is pretty much über bacon, pork belly, so good, so tasty so deliciously bad for you.

This was one of our entrees this past thanksgiving, and it was oh-so-delicious.  Perfect compliment to the turkey.