****ing BSOD!

Not my BSOD, but just a random one I pulled up for this article

I’m just about done drafting up my portion of our top 10 ninja’s list when my PC decided that it hated my article, and decided to crash, before I even saved anything, thus making the 30 or so minutes I had put in writing my part, a thing of anyone’s imagination.  Now, I’m not new to this happening, and it has happened many many times in the past.  But why in this side of the Mississippi did it decide to do it now.  Why couldn’t it do it when I was eating dinner, or when I’m playing video games, and I’m not doing anything productive on the PC.

I just put this machine together, and from time to time, I would get a random BSOD.   I can’t quite figure out what, but it’s happened on more than once occasion and at seemingly random times.  The last time this happened was a good month ago.  To top it off, this recent one wasn’t even related to the one that was causing it prior.  I think it’s my motherboard.  I sort went low budget on it (ASRock), and well, I had a motherboard from that brand before, and it wasn’t that great either.  I simply forgot about it, and hence why I am in this same predicament.  Sooooo, our top 10 ninja list is again delayed.


  1. Sorry my friend. BSOD might as well be called Bullshit Of The Day haha.

    I’ve had my own crashes aplenty and its always when productivity is super high. That’s when I say EFFFF!!!

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