Day: March 12, 2013

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Impressions Review (Cont’)


Well, Raiden, it’s been about a week since my initial Metal Gear Rising “mini-view.” I got to squeeze in some game time between my paternal duties. So I should have some interesting updates for the boys and girls.


Female Gamer’s Wanted!

Yes, you read it right, we are looking for some female gamer‘s, well mostly for data.  Gamer’s are still predominantly male, but as of late, the number of female gamer’s has risen.  I want to know what y’all are playing, and how much do you play, etc.  Below will be  a quick set of questions we’d like to know.  Nothing personal of course,  just mostly gamer related.  This data will be used for a future article we are working on.

Also, please re-blog this.  The more data we collect, the better.

We’d like to know only a few things:

  • Amount of gaming per week 
  • Age group
  • Systems owned
  • Genre mostly played
  • Student or Working Professional

Cell phone gaming DOES NOT count.

Please send all answers to justwroteablog at Gmail dot com.  And lastly, if you are from another blog, please let me know what blog you’re from and what your handle is.  Much thanks all!



Games always get a bad rap, maybe this is a good step forward

Another Castle

In the wake of a horrific year, President Obama and many other politicians like him briefly looked at video games as the cause. Although still part of the heavy debate, the ESRB, or Entertainment Software Rating Board, has already begun to take steps to improve educating parents on the appropriateness of titles.

Set to launch a heavy marketing campaign in the coming months, the ESRB looks to raise awareness of the rating systems through local and national television broadcasting. The ESRB is also looking to extend their ratings coverage to mobile and social games.

U.S. Senator John Thune spoke with IGN, stating, “The video game industry makes games for people of all ages, but that doesn’t mean all games are appropriate for everyone.” He continued on praising the ESRB’s actions in their awareness campaign, “I commend the industry for raising awareness of the tools available to parents that can…

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Top 30 Favorite Songs of All Time: #21 “Analog” by Tyler, the Creator

The song that got me into Odd Future. A soft electronic beat and solid rapping will get me.

Tyler and the rest of Wolf Gang have risen to fame in recent years, and I have always been open to new music. They’re incomparable to any group prior, but many relate them to D12 and Wu-Tang. I’d say they’re more like Wu-Tang, but no group will ever be like Wu-Tang, let’s face it.

Here’s the song. It’s not as racy as the other songs he’s put out.

MGR First Batch Of DLC Available Today


30 VR Missions DLC up for grabs!

For those who own MGR: Revengeance for PS3 you’ll be happy to know that the exclusive 30 Missions DLC drops today. Head over to PSN later to grab your copy, which will be free for the first two weeks. After those two weeks are over however, the free for all goes out the window. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


It’s official, Agent Coulson survived Loki’s attack!

My theory (and a lot of other nerd’s theory’s) has been confirmed (sort of).  Agent Coulson did not die in the Avengers.  Instead, Nick Fury lied, just to get the misguided superheroes head straight and focus on what needs to get done.  Anyway, I was a bit sad, and angered when I first saw the Avengers, then, when I saw it again a few more times on Blu-Ray, it just didn’t add up.  Why would Phil just die like that, after being in 2 Iron Man‘s and in Thor.  Then, the S.H.I.E.L.D TV series was announced and it was said that Phil was going to be in that show.

Now I know that comic book time lines are not quite arrow straight, but c’mon, a TV series based off of the movie.  Anyway, at SXSW during a panel, Whedon was asked if Coulson survived the Avengers, and his response;

I’ll tell you guys this: Heimlich.


So I wonder which of the upcoming Marvel movies will Clark Gregg get resurrected.




Anyway, Whedon just wrapped up the pilot episode, and I cannot wait to see this show.