Day: March 6, 2013

Top 30 Songs of All Time: #26 “Heartstrings” by Mitchell Grey

A young band, a great band. You guys that have been following my posts in particular should know from my Earworms that I like to listen to many, many, many different things.

This band was introduced to me by the same YouTube singer that introduced me to the John Mayer song I posted about yesterday. She did a cover with Mitchell Grey, and I loved the guy’s voice so much.

The song is about letting go of past relationships, something I believe people have trouble with.

The music video to this song is really special to me. The urban scenes were shot in my old stomping grounds of Elmhurst; Queens NYC, New York. The red awning? Top Line Supermarket. The park? Broadway park.  I’d know the look of those apartment bricks if my eyes were closed. *AFTERTHOUGHT: I FREAKING HATE THE BOYFRIEND’S HAIR. THE HELL IS THAT RAT SHIT?*

Tomb Raider collectors edition un-boxing.

Tomb Raider collectors edition contents unpacked with guide.


Before I get cracking on the game, I thought I’d post up the video of the un-boxing real quickly. It’s a nicely put together package. I really need to get a better set up for un-boxing, so bear with me on the first few ones we are going to be posting, or have posted. Enjoy, and stay tuned later for my initial impressions. Right now the game is just looping behind me, and I am itching to play.