Day: March 7, 2013

More new toys

Well, it’s just really one toy.  As I said on my ‘Ides of March‘ editorial, we have some upcoming plans in improving the content we provide you. I took a step forward today, and purchased a Samson Go Mic, in hopes of improving at least the voice overs on the un-boxing videos and beyond.  I haven’t had a go with it, perhaps I’ll play around with it a little later.  In any case, I still need to get our ninja list up.  So behind on that.



Top 30 Favorite Songs of All Time: #25 “Headphones On” by Skiggy Rapz

(Pronounced skih•jee raps) Skij…-who? He’s Dutch!

“There are only two things I can’t stand in this world… People that don’t tolerate other people’s cultures… And the Dutch.”–Nigel Powers in Austin Powers: Gold Member

Just poking fun. This song made the list because no one knows Skiggy Rapz, who am I kidding. I barely even know any other song besides this, and I feel like I should get to checking out the rest of his beats since I love this song so much.

The song has a really summer vibe, and when I finally compile enough skateboarding footage, this will be used in my video part. (Who knows, it may be posted here sometime. Maybe.)

I don’t even think this is one of his more popular songs. But whatever, it’s one of my favorites.

****ing BSOD!

Not my BSOD, but just a random one I pulled up for this article

I’m just about done drafting up my portion of our top 10 ninja’s list when my PC decided that it hated my article, and decided to crash, before I even saved anything, thus making the 30 or so minutes I had put in writing my part, a thing of anyone’s imagination. (more…)