Day: March 14, 2013

Galaxy S4 announced

Samsung announced tonight its new flagship phone, the Galaxy SIV in NYC’s Radio City Music Hall. It touts a faster processor and a thinner body. Click on the link below for more info.

I’m going to read up on it more and see what’s what. I may have found my next phone.

Tomb Raider: Impressions update

I need a spa-day

I got the chance to play the game a bit more today, and I did experience my first frustrations.  There’s a part where you’re being swept down a mountain by gravity and strong currents and you have to dodge some obstacles.  Thing was it was hard to see what to dodge.  I died maybe 8 times via impalement in the neck.  It was quite disturbing to see Lara get stabbed by a rod in the neck.  I guess if you are in that situation, you wont have much time to really move about.  After finally managing to get out of that section alive, the next part, which was graphically gorgeous, involved a parachute and some tall trees.  Again, you had to maneuver yourself to avoid the trees, otherwise, Lara gets impaled in the torso.   (more…)