Day: March 5, 2013

Top 30 Favorite Songs of All Time: #27 “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” by John Mayer

I am, in no way, shape, or form a John Mayer fan. In fact I know nothing of the man except he made this song, and it’s quite good.

I only heard about this song because a girl on YouTube did a cover of it, and I thought it was really relaxing.

Upon hearing the Mayer version, I downloaded it without hesitation.

The only video for this song is of the live in L.A performance video, and it is great quality. And from what I’ve heard, he is much better live than in studio.

Enjoy. (Damn, how I wish I could sing and play the guitar the way he does. I’d be a media jackass, too.)

Top 30 Favorite Songs of All Time: #28 “What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park

Linkin Park. My favorite band of all time. A song that reminds me of one the coolest movies of all time.

This track is off of Minutes to Midnight, one of the lesser liked of the 5 LP albums (that of course, excluding tour albums and the collaboration EP with Jay-Z and the remix album). It was used as the theme song for the first Transformers movie, which was, in itself, incredible. Megan Fox.

The song really has nothing to do with Transformers, however. The song sends a message about how as humans, we need to restart. We need to show we are capable of doing better, because we’ve destroyed our beautiful planet, and hate and war and poverty are still prominent worldwide. The first step to a better world is to forgive and start fresh.

The song begins with a piano solo (which pleases me, as it is my instrument of choice), and it it goes heavy with drums for the rest of the song. There’s no rapping by Mike, but Chester’s fantastic voice more than makes up for it.

Enjoy the sounds of one of LP’s best songs.

Tomb Raider is here!




After some odd system’s malfunctions at Best Buy, I finally picked up my collectors edition Tomb Raider, as well as the Limited edition guide. ¬†After I get a quick bite to eat, I will be doing the un-boxing video, and playing it for a bit, then reporting back to you guys initial impressions.

Stay Tuned