Metal Gear Rising DLC – VR Missions + Snake Sword Speaks!


So it looks like some more DLC is headed our way. Along with Raiden’s many costumes/armor that were available as preorder bonuses, fans will also receive:


• VR Missions (30 bonus missions)
• Jerstream Sam (play as Sam in certain VR missions)
• Blade Wolf (play as Blade Wolf in certain VR missions)
• Wooden Blade (Wooded Sword infused with Solid Snake’s soul)

As the clip illustrates above the voice of Snake can be heard when the Wooden Sword is equipped. Unfortunately it’s in Japanese so we will have to wait and see if there will be an English version coming. You can hear Snake speak as Raiden goes about his mission. Snake will do almost a play by play as you swing your sword, take damage or even hide in a cardboard box. The 30 new VR Missions are so showcased in this clip.

Starting March 12th the 30 VR Missions NA PS3 exclusive will be available for download for FREE for the first weeks. EU versions will be available on March 13th also FREE for 2 weeks.

More information seems to come every week so we’ll keep you updated.


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