Chrono Jigga – A Remix Album by 2 Mello



So I was searching the internet for any news regarding a possible Chrono Trigger remake or sequel when I stumbled upon this curious mashup between Chrono Trigger soundtrack and Jay-Z. I’ve never been mush of a fan of the hip-hop scene. Nonetheless, I must admit that this mix is pretty incredible. The album is available for a free download on the official site and also on the player above.

This album was mixed by 2 Mello, a music producer and rapper from Lexington, KY and who, apparently, is also a gamer with a great taste for RPG’s. If Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu only dreamt of what their work was mixed into, their jaws would drop as much as mine did. You can check the project’s official page here.

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