Humble Bundle with Android 5


Not sure if anyone has done or purchased The Humble Bundle, if not, here’s some quick info.

The Humble Bundles (previously known as Humble Indie Bundles) are a series of collections (“bundles”) of video games, music albums or eBooks that are sold and distributed online at a price determined by the purchaser. The bundles are typically offered on a semi-regular basis during a two-week period; sales often include bonus games or media offered mid-week through the sale for those that have already purchased the bundle or otherwise pay more than the average.

I bought THQ‘s holiday Humble Bundle this past holiday season, paid I think $20.00 or so, for 7 games, including Saint’s Row the 3rd, and portion or all of what you pay can go to charity.  You select how you want it to be divided up.  Everyone wins with these deals.  Deals this time around include Android versions of the game, and the average price currently is $6.93.  The deal is up for another 15 hours.


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