MGR Review Still Going Strong


Hey boys and girls. Just dropping a quick update to let y’all know that I’m still playing Metal Gear Rising. Some fun things I’ve found out along the way so far are little touches enemy AI in terms of animations.

What’s interesting is that not all enemies are alike in some respects. A good example is when you’ve already dismembered certain enemies, say their legs and perhaps an arm. You’d think they would just do the default thing and die off in fading fashion. Not so with tougher cyborg soldiers. As noted in my first fancy clip below they still follow you, trying to attack you, albeit in vain. I actually enjoyed that aspect of the AI and keeps my disbelief suspended for gameplay’s sake. Please note that my clips may not be as fancy as the ones done by my boy Jezzanorris but my iPhone does the job. 10 points for one handed gameplay while filming!

-I told you I didn’t want a “happy ending” after the damned massage. This is what you get!-

Another funny AI moment I encountered was when I found an enemy hiding inside a cardboard box. I decided against killing him just to watch and see what he’d do. The second clip down here is the result of that. It’s a pretty funny twist to the typical MGS related box Easter egg.

-Whatever is happening in the clip here isn’t as entertaining as this one though.-

Upon deeper exploration I found these little nods to the MGS universe. Kojima had more input than I thought!


-Raiden, you dirty dog, you!-

As I stagger along with my MGR Longview I’ll bring more tidbits of goodies for y’all to sink your High Frequency Blade into.

Oh also, the camera still sucks.

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