POV: When Old Things Finally Die

[Our POV pieces are based on the fictional accounts and direct Points Of View from the subject, or subjects in the matter. Just for off the cuff entertainment. And for fun.]


Maybe it was because it was time. Or the fact that she’d been replaced by a stronger, faster, YOUNGER version of herself. One does tend to contemplate the usefulness of themselves once they become ‘over the hill.’

She used to be the talk of the town. Everyone wanted to be around her. Others wanted to BE her. Even a few couldn’t stand the site of her. Wonderment, envy, and jealousy prevailed. It was typical for someone of her stature, her charisma, her build. Some felt as if they’d found their every happiness when they finally were privileged enough to be graced by her presence.

Time passed and all was good. Everyone was enjoying their time with her gracefulness, her technical prowess. Others similar to her boasted better this, and more powerful that, but her biggest fans continued their praise and love for her never wavered.

Then came more talk of yet again, more this and better that. But it wasn’t from her competitors. This chatter was coming from the only source that could only ever make her wince. Could it be? Was she going to be ousted by a newer, faster, more enragingly beautiful version of who she is and was? Thus is the fate of all things. To be replaced by a sleeker, shinier, overall more sophisticated PYT, or Pretty Young Thing, as Michael Jackson boldly put it.

She started second guessing herself, “am I not good enough? Aren’t I doing my job well? Don’t I fulfill all of your needs, and then some?” She was stuck rationalizing her dilemma for a short time. She did though come to a concision, as do we all at this particular juncture in our own lives that, it’s just a part of life, or more directly, it was a part of the show. Some call it a Dog and Pony show. But to her it was something more. It was the meaning of her existence. Now some hot piece of ass was about to step all over her success. The only thing to do was to accept the situation and move on.

And move on she did. Once the PYT came rolling along she was no longer the highlight of everyone’s day. She’d been thrust into the shadow of the rookie. Dwelling beneath the surface, she chose solitude. Or well, solitude was chosen for her. No more spotlights. No more glitz, glamour, or flashing bulbs. Just aloneness. Being relegated to the damp, dusty corner wasn’t easy for her. She started developing anxiety over lack of use. All her symptoms went unnoticed and she was the only one left to deal with her decrepitude. No one took care of her the way she used to be pampered, caressed, and held lovingly.

Old age finally started taking its toll on her. Crows feet were nothing compared to the cracks around her once smooth facade, exposing her numerical candle, the flame licking the last of her quiet existence. She was silent, waiting for father time to take her to her final resting place, where she will rest for good.

The remains of her body were found intact, save for her chest area where it lay open, as if someone had taken her heart out from its place, making the figurative saying, “broken hearted” feel more literal than usual. It can be surmised then that she literally died of a broken heart.

Life happens. We live it. Then we live it vicariously through the eyes of other, newer creatures. Sometimes those creatures are the evolved versions of ourselves who are poised to take over the lives we used to have. Then we are either missed or miss just being.

Goodbye, my iPhone 3GS.


  1. As an Android guy… Good riddance.
    I actually am contemplating between the to-be-released S4 and the sleek mainstream iPhone 5.
    Loved the way the story was told!

    1. Thanks Pat, glad someone enjoyed it haha. I did have fun writing that one. I was telling my 5 month old that he’d get my hand-me-downs one day. He had a giddy but confused look. When I took out my 3GS I found it all opened like that and figured maybe the battery exploded. Nothing leaking tho. The phone was well used. Was working fine too, jailbroken and all. So I decided to write a kind of farewell piece about the ole girl haha. Now I feel like my 4S will do me just as bad one day..

      This will be my last smartphone for a while. I read good things about the SIV tho. Being a Mac guy in general I’m slightly bias toward the 5 which my wife has. Tight lines, very sleek body, light weight (tho I hated the lightness at first, made it seem cheap but grew on me). Simple UI.

      The SIV’s wave feature is kinda sick tho but dunno how smooth/responsive it is. Wouldn’t want it to turn into another unused fad (Siri anyone??)

      1. EXACTLY! That’s what I’ve been saying about the S4, all those features I really won’t use like SHealth, SVoice (a complete failure in my eyes as Google Now is already a much more useful tool than Siri, why make something WORSE than Siri), Smart Scroll (I prefer to hear the video when I turn away and would rather swipe down than strain my eyes and get dizzy).
        To each their own when it comes to product bias, I may have to switch to a Mac when art school comes, at least. The only three reasons I’m contemplating the 5 is the beautiful design (I’ve not once complained about an iPhone’s design since the release of the 4, except for, of course, screen size and pixel density), 95% of my friends have iPhones (group chats, anyone?), and it’ll stay up to date.

      2. Yes agreed on the updates. The iPhone gets them quite often. Like iTunes. Which can be annoying sometimes. Having to update that much. Well I only say that because I jailbreak.

        I learned my lesson on fads tho when it comes to phones. I try to wade thru and see if the phone has what I need. Thing is, I’m used to iOS and its ways. Very polished and smooth. Pretty snappy. And I know that android is catching up pretty fast too. I’ve really thought about jumping ship. As to whether or not that will happen remains to be seen. Nothing is really grabbing me.

      3. I have some money invested into customization apps, so it’d be worthwhile for me to stay on the Google ecosystem, as it would be for anyone that purchased music and whathaveyou off of iTunes and Apple’s ecosystem.

        What I’d say would be great for you to check out would be the HTC One, it’s got the best build quality that HTC has to offer (comparable to Apple, with the glass and metal), and for someone that listens to a lot of music or watches a lot of YouTube videos (i.e, me), it’s speakers are on the front, and they are LOUD. It’s got this insane feature that I believe is called BlinkFeed? Keeps you up to date with current events based on your preferences. It might be a selling point that will make you jump ship, you never know. Maybe it’s time for me to take a step away from Android (just for one contract period) and experience the 5…

      4. It’s funny how we’re both thinking of switching to the other’s currently preferred tech. I’ll look into the htc one since I’ve read about it. And it does have similar visuals to the 5. But yes I’ve invested time and money on my 4S. We shall see! It’s be interesting to see which phone you end up with too hehe.

  2. google now trumps all. I can’t believe you want an iPhone 5…I will dis-own you..as my cousin lol.
    I actually like the new BB…but we all know i’m going with Android…HTC One..Dev. Edition

      1. i will never own an apple product…lol
        just a matter of what android powered handset I end up deciding on…lol S4 did not impress me all that much..but then again, I don’t have an S3…my Galaxy Nexus is still an S2…so it would be an upgrade regardless

      2. people think it’s the next best thing since sliced bread…i hate fanboy ism..and it turns me off more than anything..which is why i’m not a fan of the galaxy much..since android fanboys sweat it too much…

        my recent experience w/ itunes and apple really turned me off on it…

      3. So you’re not an android fanboy?

        Ya I’ve had lots of terrible experiences with iTunes. Too many actually. More than I thought. I jailbroke so I could have a more open OS. now considering an android. Oh the irony.

      4. I’d throw all caution to the wind and say the xperia z is not coming to Verizon, which sucks, because to me, it’s currently the best phone on the market (low mainstream media attachment, high build quality because Sony knows their shit, up to date Android OS, fantastic hardware, and it has, hand down, the best camera on a smart phone)

    1. Only for an experimental period lol
      Obviously I know all the downsides to owning an iPhone 5 and such. I might take your side on that HTC one though, it started to draw me when you told me about the dev edition

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