Alvin’s Food Follies – “It’s a HAM-burger, You Fat Pig! Holy Chuck!”


I was on my way home from work yesterday and was hankering for something to eat.  Lucky for me I had some time to pass by the food tents that were setup in front of Union Station in Toronto. One of those tents were “Holy Chuck.”  The restaurant

advertises itself to have the “best burger in Toronto” in plain view. Well, I didn’t have a burger, if one considers only beef patties to constitute a burger. Let’s look at the menu a little closer.


MMMM! Bacon all over the menu!

Hmmm…what is not their signature burger?

“You Fat Pig”…



I ordered that burger.  Service was extremely fast (order ready before I even finished paying!?!) and courteous too.  I got myself to a table and took a photo of the burger before eating it.


Garfield, stay away from the burger!

As I was eating, I thought to myself, “This is good.  Really good.  YUMMY!  But this is a burger…why doesn’t it taste like a burger?  I looked at my burger.  PINK?!?  This didn’t have the texture of rare.  More like well done.  And tasted more like a really smoked pork chop!


I was totally confused by the pink patties!

Well, that was my fault, going for the first item that had bacon. Let’s read that menu item again…

YOU FAT PIG: TWO (Ed: AGAIN, TWO)100% maple smoked BACON patties, triple cheese, maple smoked BACON, topped with our homemade creamy BACON dressing.

4x’s BACON BURGER!  My thoughts?  Thoroughly surprised, but entirely satisfied with this real HAM-burger!  Will I re-visit?  Most definitely!

So, Jezza – you think NYC has bacon?  They don’t call Toronto “Hog-Town” for nothing. And we have this burger to prove it!

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