Jezza’s Food Follies – Being a “Jolly Fat Pig”

That truck is seriously beautiful

That truck is seriously beautiful


Stock image of pork belly. I took this shot years ago in Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market.

It’s no secret, I love food! Who doesn’t love food though? It sustains us, makes us happy, comforts us, but it can also be a hindrance if not taken in moderation (like with everything else, except maybe reading this blog, you can OD on this blog and it can, perhaps, make you a better person – maybe?) Having said that, I probably love pork as my main protein.  I do love the other meats out there too, but the pig, or pork, or the white meat has a special place in my heart.  I am known to my family and friends as Bacon.  Not bacon man, bacon lover, just bacon.  I love bacon, and where it really originates from, the pork belly. I don’t know what it is about it, just oh so bad, but yet oh so good!  Anyways, I typically bring my food from home, with the exception of a handful of times, like if I have to go straight to a meeting or go do some field work straight from home.  In these particular day(s), I had a meeting, and another day, I had a survey, so I wasn’t able to bring my wife’s lovely meals that she packs for me. It just so happens that this particular orange and red and yellow painted food truck aptly named ‘Jolly Fat Pig’ was around my area.  Now I had seen them maybe a week ago prior to this and it intrigued me.  Then again, my interest is piqued if there is the word ‘pig’ in the name of the joint.  When I first walked by, I scoped out the menu and they had pork belly – YES, pork belly! Naturally, the first thing I got from the truck was the Pork Belly Sandwich.

To be fair, I walked a few blocks, so this did get mangled.

To be fair, I walked a few blocks, so this did get mangled.

I have to admit, she’s not much to look at.  It’s basically a few strips of pork belly in between a potato roll (which earned plus points, by the way), with some tomato, lettuce and an aoli sauce.  Seeing this, my reaction was “Damn, it’s quite small!” BUT IT was satisfying. I was neither hungry or full after the fact, just satisfied. IMG_20150722_143249 I couldn’t help but think about the platter option they had in the menu, and I thought, I might get that next time. Fast forward to a week later, and I had a meeting early in the AM which prevented me from bringing food, so, as luck would have it, that magical yellow and orange and red truck was parked on 5th Ave, and W.19th St. (*BIG GRIN*) I got the pork belly platter this time.  Sadly, they did not have the fried plantain option as a side, since it got sold out due to deliciousness, so I went with the fried sweet potato.  Lettuce and tomato was also present, but now, instead of potato bread as my starch, it was now accompanied by rice and beans.  The amount of pork belly was a bit more, and the price bump was only about $2.00 or so, which in the food truck world is a mere pennies.

I am salivating as I look at this.

I am salivating as I look at this.

Again, I was in heaven – I was very satisfied.  Seriously, I cannot wait to get to go here again, and hopefully soon! Maybe they have some plantains and I really need to try their empanadas. Go try them out when you see them. I believe you’ll be a “Jolly Fat Pig” as well! The truck tweets its locations so you can easily find them.  I know they are in 5th Ave. and W. 19th St. on Wednesday’s and Friday’s. Here’s their social media links:


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-MORE PICS!- DSC00749 IMG_20150724_141749 IMG_20150724_141738

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