Earworm: School week special – “O.P.P.” Naughty By Nature

I am down with O.P.P.  even though you may not know me. Sorry couldn’t resist.  I remember this song back in grade school.  I didn’t get to listen to rap/hip-hop much back in those days, so I never really got appreciate it back then. Anywhoo, I just remember walking through the halls of my school back in 7th grade when this song came out.  Not sure why, but I just does.

I just wish hip-hop was still this good.  I find myself listening to more stuff from the 90’s and early 2000’s than the stuff they have out now.  This song also, samples Jackson 5’s ABC, which in itself is a time-less classic, and I think to me anyway, this song too is a time-less classic.

Anyway, enjoy the good harmonies, and beats.



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