Earworm: “Arms” – Christina Perri

This song I’ve always liked, but I never really paid attention to it until my boss kept asking who sings it.  Finally, sometime earlier this week, he told us why this song was in his mind, one of his daughters had a dance recital, and they used this song.  He said it was quite powerful, and these are 9 year olds  that were doing it.  Finally, got a hold of the song, and we played it at work, and I was able to listen to it in depth.

It is quite powerful, I love how it starts off all mellow, with a simple guitar strumming, then slowly an instrument gets added as the song progresses and suddenly the drum’s drop, and it’s just a great build up, and I actually felt my spine tingling.  The video itself is quite entertaining, and very true to the song.  I’ve felt like this at time, and, well, just enjoy it.


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