Hideo Kojima Thinks He Can Out-FOX Us


Well Kojima, it looks like you might’ve slipped up, my friend. You thought you could keep putting on this charade of lies and deception. You thought wrong!


Well, well, well. Look at what we have here. Seems like a photo of an editing screen over at Kojima Productions. Perhaps you’ve been editing Ground Zeroes or better yet, The Phantom Pain?! Tell me the truth, Kojima!! Listen, you’ve been caught red handed so you might a well fess up. Oh how do I know, you ask? Ok, it doesn’t take a Metal Gear building rocket scientist to see that you blatantly left a HUGE clue uncovered. I mean, hello?! What, whattaya mean where? How about top left corner of the screen, smart guy?


That’s right. TPP and GDC. Obviously they mean The Phantom Pain and Game Developers Conference. Oh so you’re still not gonna admit it, huh? Wait til GDC, you say? Well that’s only six days from now so I guess I can wait. Meanwhile maybe you’d like a snack. A ration? Or perhaps a free frog?

Source: Metal-Gear.net


    1. Hehe. Hideo Kojima is the creator of the Metal Gear games. He’s been doing this since 1987 with the MSX2 computer system. Then he jumped on the ps1, ps2, ps3 and then will probably announce his new game(s) ether for ps3 or ps4. Metal Gear grew to be one of my favorite series of all time. I play other games as well but always go back to MGS 🙂

      1. Aaaah! The Daughter and I were always more Final Fantasy players, although I do remember she was given one of the early MGS games – for the PS1?

        I’ve been playing mmo’s for years now so I don’t keep up with the video games much but I was interested in your comment about the ps4. Is there going to be one? Was starting to think ps3 would be the last.

      2. Thanks for that link. I’m dying to see the new controller. I loved the concept of the Wii controller but the games just never quite grabbed me. Hopefully the PS4 will have the best of both worlds.

      3. Welcome. The Wii U controller did interest me but I probably won’t invest in the system. I’m more interested in the ps4. But I hope the games that come out for it won’t be ‘online only’ or won’t have to connect to the net constantly to play. I’d rather it just be an option as with the ps3. What if people want the ps4 but don’t have strong Internet access where they live? They would lose customers.

      4. I agree! I had the house networked with cat 5 cables when it was built so no wifi here, and there is not connection in the family room where the gaming stuff and tv are. Every time we have to update the firmware it’s a real song and dance with cables snaking across the floor from one of the bedrooms. 😦

        I know wifi and a unified entertainment system are the way of the future but I’m definitely not there yet.

      5. So u can sympathize heh. Ya man devs are a bit too business minded and wanna just follow trends and see what’s popular. In this case, online gaming + social media. I think the only time I enjoy online gaming honestly is when I can get some cool DLC for certain games. When MGS Peace Walker released for PSP there was so much DLC for it in terms of camo outfits to change into free of charge. these days DLC is rarely free or free for a limited time. I wish devs would just include l those goodies with the game At release. But they’re just too business minded. Still, i do enjoy them when they’re worth getting!

      6. -grin- I’m a ma’am and not all that much interested in DLCs coz most are geared towards guys but I agree with you on the devs and game design by focus groups. I mean sure, every company wants to make money back on its investment but there has to be some innovation, and even /art/ in there to make a truly great game.

      7. I see I see. It’s awesome that there are female gamers tho in general. It’s not just a “guy” thing. I respect that a lot cuz girls also know what they’re talking about when it comes to gaming.

        Innovation and art wise that’s why I like Hideo Kojima. He doesn’t just think business because he’s a game creator at heart. He wants to try new things and challenge/push boundaries and that’s what the MGS games are all about. Lots if respect for that dude. Met him once during a peace walker signing here in NYC. Nice guy hah.

      8. My daughter is studying Maya for game development and wants to become an animator. Body language is something she is very aware of. I think in coming years, as more women play, and enter the industry themselves, the perspective on games will change. I’m not a rabid feminist but at the moment, the rewards for gaming really are geared towards ‘boyz toyz’ and even the character graphics are designed for boyz.

        In WoW I played only female characters because the male ones were so bloody ugly. In gw2 I’m playing mostly male characters because the females are so…. prissy?

        Anyway, end rant. 😀

      9. Ooh Maya. There was a time during college when i studied ad design that I also dabbled in 3D design. I always wanted to try Maya but never really got to it. I think I tried a demo once and it was awesome. If I had more time and energy I’d dabble more. Being a new dad takes my full attention, tho sometimes I make time for gaming, like today. That’s great that your daughter is taking up game development. I hope to play a game she’s involved in some day!

        It’s funny you mention more females getting into the whole gaming thing. To me gaming is for everyone, just that I have mostly guy friends who are gamers. I’m trying to make one to write a piece about guys who game as girls. I’m one of those who tend to use a female character if the option is given. Resident Evil is a good example of this. Also, Mass Effect lets you make your own Shepard character, looks, and even sexual preference, which for a game I think is a step in the right direction if this medium of entertainment is ever going to mature. Typical games are male oriented as you said and I’d like to see more female driven stories. One game that will be released this year called Beyond: Two Souls which features a female protagonist. Remember Me is another female driven game. Not to mention the Tomb Raider series. I still have yet to open my copy of the newly rebooted one. So ya I do enjoy games whose characters offer a strong female perspective.

      10. I have a friend who taught himself Maya, but it’s such a huge app I don’t know how. My daughter has showed me some stuff, mainly stuff she’s been working on, and my mind just shortcircuits. 🙂

        The whole gender thing in games is kind of strange. I love my characters, but I don’t roleplay them as a lot of people seem to do. I don’t mean formal roleplay, just that they seem to identify with them. And then get horribly shocked when they find out my male character is being played by a woman. Of course then I tell them how old I am and they don’t know what to say, or how to escape quickly enough. 😀

        I admit I do get a teeny weeny kick out of shocking people.

        Speaking of the new Tomb Raider I hope my daughter’s not reading this coz I want to get it for her birthday. Jon told me about it and it really impressed me.

      11. There’s also this other 3D program called ZBrush I’ve always wanted to try out. Same time I was dabbling with 3D/Maya. Still haven’t gotten to it.

        The whole gender switch is funny to me. Reminds me of the AOL days. You honestly didn’t know if you were talking to a guy or girl. And that translates heavily towards mmos/multi.

        Yea def get TR as a gift. I know it’s worth it!

      12. My daughter loves Zbrush. 🙂 You really should try it if you can find the time.

        Yeah the gender thing online is strange. Everyone assumes that what you ‘see’ is what you get. That may be true in terms of personality – you can’t talk to someone for long without getting some feel for what kind of person they are – but gender is different. I remember I played with a male character for at least 6 months before he finally admitted he was a she. That was very strange. I think it was the fact that we were friends that threw me – the lack of trust perhaps.

        Anyway, definitely going to get the new Tomb Raider. 🙂

      13. Hm now I have the urge to look for a ZBrush Mac demo thanks to you haha.

        Trusting ppl on the net is pretty dicy. Unless you actually personally know them then its pretty much up in the air.

        Nice on the TR purchase. Then maybe you can do your own review!

      14. lol – I won’t feel guilty if you get Zbrush. 😉

        And yes, trust is a huge issue. Most people are pretty straight, and I have to say I’ve never been disappointed with the people I’ve met online. But the horror stories of deliberate deception are out there.

        If TB turns out to be as interesting as the trailer then I just might!

    2. If you haven’t played any MGS games I suggest finding a copy of MGS1 and starting with that to get familiar with the story and then continue from there depending on the consoles you have.

      1. I sort of replied to this in the other comment. I know MGS was meant to have a good storyline but the commando style gameplay was never a big hit with me. Sorry!

      2. It’s all good. The great thing about the MGS series gameplay wise is that you always have a choice to either go guns blazing (which makes you die faster) or sneak around undetected and not have to kill anyone 🙂

      3. My buddy Jezzanorris is rotating SWTOR with TR and FE. Last SW game I played was with Star Killer on my psp heh. That was fun for a while.

      4. I’ve just recently patched my SWTOR game but I’ll be playing f2p. GW2 really has spoiled me for subscription mmo’s.

      5. I’m sure MMOs are great. I just a single player campaign kinda gamer heh. I guess that’s why games like MGS appealed to me so much. I’m an 80’s/90’s gamer, when social gaming back then meant hitting the arcades or going to a buddy’s house or vice versa to Be Social hah. I wrote an article about it on my page ad well as Jezza’s. I really miss the good ol days when 1 quarter meant the world to retro gamers hehe.

      6. I started playing console games with my daughter when she was little-ish and got hooked on the Final Fantasy series, but more as a strategist for her. Then I heard there was an online game called FF XI and it pushed all the buttons for me. But it was the world, rather than the social thing that got me hooked. Being in a nice chatty guild can be great, but it’s also a timesink so for the last few years I’ve been playing solo.

      7. Ya man. There’s just something about a solo/single player experience that grabs me. Is just you and no one else. You get to find out all these cool things that make the game cool. Example, I’m not an RPG type player per se but I remember playing Phantasy Star II with a friend on his sega genesis and that was some game man. I never got to finish it but the game world was awesome. I have it on my phone now to play when the mood strikes. I tried getting into the FF series lately via phone but I guess it’s the emotional attachment I had as a kid w phantasy star II but I can’t get into any other RPGs unless its action oriented. Like Secret of Mana or in this gen, Mass Effect. I thrive on the solo gaming. I’m terrible at running around and shooting ppl in multiplayer games hahah.

      8. I hear you. 🙂 I’ve done a little pvp in Aion because the whole game was geared around pvp. I loved the gameplay, the world, the characters, the graphics, but the pvp was just awful – nothing but pack ganking. So much for the skill component.

        I have to say though, doing PVE with /nice/ people really can be a lot of fun.

      9. I suppose for me it takes the right game. Most of the pvp games I’ve played are fighters. SF4 for example. Feels good when u beat a real person overseas haha. Just the same I hate losing more cuz they’re real ppl instead of just ai.

      10. Part of me hates losing too but… I don’t know, ‘killing’ another player just never sits right with me, especially when the whole faction concept is so pathetic. I’ve read fanboys in general chat screaming about how much they hate XX simply because that player belongs to an opposing faction. I mean, excuse me? That whole us vs them rubbish is caveman bulldust. -cough-

      11. Again that’s why I grew to enjoy the MGS series. You can literally just sneak past most all enemies no kills necessary hehe.

        If you wanna see online gamers get upset at other factions then look no further:


        This actually disgusted/disturbed me. I came upon that the other day. Makes me mad/sad that this is the kind of gaming environment my son might get exposed to if I’m not careful to monitor his gaming habits if/when they form. I’m definitely starting him with the 8-bit oldies like SMB and Sonic!

      12. Ouch… those guys were /ugly/. I can understand that $1M is strong motivation but … these kinds of events also validate a high testosterone, anything goes model that belongs in a cave somewhere. The comparison to football crowds didn’t make me feel any better.

        If these guys purge their violence in a game, instead of out in the real world, then ok I guess. But I wouldn’t want to know any of them. Ever.

      13. Haha ya. Major turnoff when it comes to this kind of gaming. Ok, admittedly I get frustrated when I die more times then intended in a given game but these kids take it to unseen heights. At least unseen by me.

        And btw I’m also not a fan of mainstream sports (anymore). Used to be when I was a kid. Football, baseball, basketball. That’s when it was fun. When I got older it became skateboarding, inline skating, surfing (on tv) and now snowboarding, weight lifting and mixed martial arts haha. None of which are team based when executed. It’s not like I’m not a team player. I just do better/had more fun solo 🙂

      14. I used to enjoy inline skating too, and I’ve always loved martial arts – at least the Bruce Lee kind, but I’m happier solo too.

      15. Yes, The Nomadic Inline Skating Martial Artist. Now THAT sounds like a game we’d play hahah. It’d have elements of MMO, sneaking, leveling up, and hiding in cardboard boxes!

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