Uncanny Valley Pr0n


Man alive! Nvidia is getting all kinds of ridiculous with its FaceWorks tech. Rendering faces with this kind of fidelity?

Imagine your favorite games with all the realism bestowed upon us by this digital eye candy. Or perhaps movies would utilize this tech and have digital counterparts in place of real life actors. Just add likeness of actor, sprinkle in some digital traits of said film star, pepper in some mocap, garnish with voice overs and you’re good to go.

People’s imaginations do tend to run wild though, so creative types could come up with some great ways to make use of this awesomeness. Then there are those who would use it for the most obvious thing, really. Yes, ze pr0nz. I imagine CG pornography would get a huge bump (no pun intended) in quality if they chose to take this for a test drive. And they will. Digital pr0nstars could be the wave of the future.

Or perhaps digital stand-ins for political figures could be a functional use for the tech as well. A digitized POTUS could be making show interrupting speeches instead of its flesh and blood forbearer.

Maybe everyone would want to have a digital copy of themselves, digital DNA, if you will. That way we can all live forever, in a manner of speaking.

Well whatever this will be used for it’ll look damned creepy.

Source: GizmodoMetaFilter


    1. Agreed. A highly rendered character is nothing but synthetic looking lest they have the emotional capacity to match. Technology is getting better and better though and I love it. And I can’t wait for the 27th in GDC when Kojima shows a tech demo of the FOX Engine, a game engine he’s been working on and has a game using the tech. Looks awesome!

      1. Just had a quick look and came across something Kojima said in a tweet : ‘Kojima ended by saying that developers must continue to look forward to the future and not get bogged down by what all the corporations and “businessmen” want.’

        I like this very much. 😀

      2. Ditto. HK is also pretty philosophical when it comes to creating games. He injects quasi real world situations in his games. Political. Scientific. Psychological. Good stuff for your brain. The MGS story in a whole is actually pretty convoluted but that’s what makes it fun. Real world mixed with ridiculously rich characters.

      3. -grin- That note of fervour in your voice when you talk about MGS is exactly what I feel when I talk about Vagrant Story or Final Fantasy Tactics!

      4. Haha thanks. I can’t help it. The real funny thing is, had my other friend not suggested I try MGS2 (ps2) I might not have even known about it. I bought it at a GameStop bargain bin for $5. When i i first played it I didn’t like how restricting it felt. No freedom in camera movement and I wasn’t used to the Japanese style of controls. So I stopped for a while and continued with SOCOM, a great 3ps game. That was the type of gaming I was used to. Lots of freedom of movement.

        Then I decided to give MGS2 a chance. As I got more involved I was addicted. Couldn’t stop. The story was crazy and I liked it. So then I picked up MGS1 (ps1) then MGS3, 4, Portable Ops and Peace Walker for PSP. now waiting for the new one, Ground Zeroes:

        Cannot wait..!

      5. Looks crazy doesn’t it?! I’m really hoping that when HK goes into more detail with his FOX Engine that he says the game GZ will be released for current gen consoles (ps3,360). I can’t see myself getting a ps4, much less a new system anytime too soon just yet. I’ve been happy with my ps3 (1st gen) since u first got it 🙂 btw do you own any consoles or are strictly a pc gamer?

      6. We have PS 1,2 and 3 😀 We do still play consoles occasionally but playing on the pc is just easier somehow. Or maybe it’s just because we keep forgetting to charge up the controllers! I’d like to get the PS4 when it comes out, just to complete the collection but… it’ll be the same price as the components for a decent upgrade on the pc so…. 😦

      7. Ya the ps4 is rumored to be around 499 or 599 just as when the ps3 was 1st released. Huge dent in the wallet.

        Speaking of consoles it’s funny why I have the ones I own. I have a ps1 (from Jezzanorris) for MGS1. I don’t have a ps2 but my 1st gen ps3 FAT is BC so it’ll play MGS1, 2, 3, as well as 4. I bought a psp new for MGS Portable Ops. Bought a used GameCube for $30 from Craigslist when I saw MGS: The Twin Snakes at GameStop (the remake of MGS1). Have a 360 just for kicks/DVD cap. If Ground Zeroes comes out for next gen instead of current gen I’m screwed. Either I don’t play or wait long for a ps4 sale hahah. Sigh…

      8. I can’t believe Konami would make Ground Zeroes just for the ps4. I mean they’d lose far too many sales. Maybe it will be compatible with both ps4 and 3. At least I hope so coz I would like to see the story behind that video clip.

      9. Agreed. I feel as if every iteration of MGS was practically console based, which is actually not far from the truth.

        Back in 1987 when Hideo Kojima first made MGS for 8-bit he had to make a game that wasn’t as action oriented as the games at that time. The system it was released on (MSX2) couldn’t handle sprites all too well. So in order to create a new game and fulfill a quota at the same time he came up with Sneaking as the main draw to gameplay. You’d have to sneak around enemies and the incentive was that if you got caught the enemies would just swarm in you. Pretty ingenious at the time. Taking cover and the ever famous hiding in a cardboard box became a staple in the series to this day. It’s pretty fun(ny) to have those game mechanics for such a pseudo serious game that touches on politics, spirituality, and socioeconomic issues.

        I really can’t wait for this Wednesday when more light is shed on GZ..!

      10. Konami was pretty good at being inventive. The daughter and I did a short playthrough of Silent Hill 2 last night to refresh her memory for a talk she has to give. We were blown away by how effective their innovative game mechanics still are. Silent Hill 1 & 2 are still the scariest games I’ve ever played. Bar none.

      11. I’ve only played SH: Origins on my psp and yes I agree, it’s a creepy game for sure. I got stuck in the basement of this school building and ran into one of those freaky nurse demons in the bathroom! I like how mirrors were used to switch from real world to ‘dream world.’ And the music and sound effects. Best played at night!

      12. At night???? You masochist! We got to the point where we could only play it in broad daylight. 😉 And yes, the sound effects were hideously effective.

      13. lol – just played an hour and a half on gw2 defending a camp with a stack of other players. Fast, furious and a hell of a lot of fun. There are good things about online mmo’s too. 😀

      14. I particularly like the no pressure atmosphere of these events. People just show up and play. No waiting for hours, shouting for groups. No rejections because you’re the ‘wrong’ class. Just fun. 🙂

      15. I’ve never experienced such events before. Sounds like it could be worth really looking into. I guess it just takes the right game. Jezza keeps asking me to play resident evil 5 because there’s online coop capabilities. That’s pretty much the only type of ‘multiplayer’ I dabble in. Thing is I’m too much of an explorer. I like to cover every inch of an area making sure I pick up all the items. I guess you could say I’m a digital hoarder haha.

      16. And you’re not playing an mmo? Gathering is one of the reasons I love mmo’s so much. That plus crafting. Most gameworlds are so huge it’s almost impossible to explore every little bit.

      17. True. I like the aspect of trying to scour every bit of the game world. The MGS series isn’t as Open World as I’d like it to be but I guess at due to the type of game it is. There’s one specific goal tied into the story. It’s like watching a movie. You’re just along for the ride following the protagonist. In the game you follow Snake and get to interact with the world but are limited thru the story.

        HK’s goal with GZ is to make it as Open World as possible, much like MMOs, where there is no specific way to get to a certain goal. That the game doesn’t have to hold your hand along the way, as with most games in this genre.

        MGS3 was actually as close to open world as it could get without breaking the game mechanic and logic of the story. I got lost in a dense 1964 Russian jungle for hours when I first played. It was great!

      18. I remember Final Fantasy 8 was almost completely open world and it was wonderful. But! Following the story was hard and I remember the frustration of wanting to know what happens next but never quite being in the right spot to trigger the next chapter. Mind you, that probably primed me for mmos!

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