OMG, I cannot wait for this to come out!

Another Castle

Life returns to hurricane status this Summer 2013 when DuckTales, originally released on the NES in 1989, gets remastered and re-released for the 360, PS3, and Wii U.

Capcom announced their classic remastering during their PAX East Panel, World of Capcom. The company had originally handled both DuckTales titles on the NES and promises to keep the title true to form; featuring original character voice talent and level backgrounds from the original TV show.

On top of all that, all in-game art will be hand-drawn and all original images that WayForward had originally used will be kept as a blueprint.

Capcom is also working closely with Disney and ensured fans that the game will be, “just as you remember.”

On a brief personal level, I have never been more excited for a game in my life. Q3 2013 can not come fast enough.

Source: GameSpot

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