Oldskool TMNT Fans May Be Left In The Dark with Out Of The Shadows


Back when I reported this news a few weeks ago I was in some form of excitement. That still hasn’t waned for the most part. It’s actually just switched gears a bit.

The more I watch the short trailer the more I feel like it’ll be a Batman Arkham Asylum/City duplicate. That’s not necessarily a bad thing by any means. It certainly looks darker, grittier, and overall a modern take on what I was used to as a kid in the 90’s. My experience with the awesome foursome was that they were these teenage kids, who may be reptilian, but who I related to because, even though they were these covert ninjas fighting crime in the streets of NYC, they were still just fun loving kids who enjoyed things like pizza and watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Ah, the good ole days.

They gave me a sense of adventure and excitement when I’d see them on tv and then when they were translated into the big screen my head exploded. I collected every trading card sticker and had all 4 action figures. Even my friends at the time joined in on the Turtle Power when we’d have our own skits, each embodying one of the turtles and their skills. I was always Raphael, the quippy, sarcastic cynic who always seemed to go head first into battle.


Those were days filled with happy character building memories. I used to buy the comic books that were published by Archie Comics. Back then I had no idea that the turtles were in existence since the 80’s or that Eastman and Laird were their fathers til later. I would even draw then in my composition notebooks all the time. I was hooked. I don’t even remember the number of times I watched the movie in theaters or when I finally bought it on VHS. I think I needed a 12-step program back then.

The action figures that Playmate Toys provided at the time were very sought after. I luckily had all four turtles at the time. To this day I have no idea what I did with them. Wherever they are I hope they’re in a happy home. I recently bought the Nickelodeon version of the figures which are tie-ins to the CG Unreal cartoon on the respective network. There are however, a specific set of TMNT figures from NECA that I still really want need. Those four figures really are akin to the 80’s Eastman and Laird TMNT comics.


The arcades of yore were also froth with Turtle Mania. Kids (meaning me) would line up to local comic stores and even video stores with buckets of quarters to burn the daylight fighting crime as a team or solo. The red, blue, orange and purple colorations flying around on screen. Between “pizza time” and “cowabunga” I was a happy camper.


In the world of gaming of today things are a bit different. Everything is marching towards more hyper realism and making things truer to life than ever. Today’s Turtles are still fun loving, as indicated by the Nick toons which personally enjoy, but more versatile at the same time. Realistic but cartoony. I like the current look and feel so I would most likely have fun with the digital download that’ll come this summer.


As I mentioned though, I’d probably have to change gears and expect a whole different experience due to the gameplay and visuals. This TMNT seems to take itself more seriously. I guess it’s like the Turtles grew in a way. Matured even. I wonder what the 80’s/90’s Turtles would say about their 2013 counterparts.

I guess as long crime is fought and time is made for the occasional slice of pizza I wouldn’t mind. If this game deviates too far from its source material though, then it’d be in danger of same-game-itis. Hopefully it won’t be just a derivative the Arkhams and the DMCs out there as I have somewhat high hopes. And my hope is that it’ll have that all time favorite Turtle Power.

Source: Joystiq

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