Random Flickr Photo of the Day

Apologies for the absense of this post. I got caught up with work and a few other personal chores. But now back to our regularly scheduled randomness.

This was again, shot in 2009, when my buddy and I went all out and ate at Morimoto’s Restaurant in Philadelphia. I shot it from the entrance vestibule looking in, as it does have that ‘wow’ factor when you walk in. With changing colors on the lights, and a wavy, aquatic feel to the place. I just wish I didn’t include that thing in the middle, it sort of is a bit distracting, ok, it is distracting. Hopefully i’ll get another chance at dining there again. It is one of the best food experiences i’ve ever had, and I don’t even care I paid $250.00 for my half of the bill.


The restaurant interior

Morimoto’s interior.
Nikon D700
Nikkor 24mm f/2.8
ISO 4500

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