Was MGSV Hideo Kojima’s OGRE/Devil Project All This Time? PLUS: David Hayter Not Voicing Big Boss?


Those of you who’ve watched the trailer for MGSV might or might not have noticed something extra strange about Big Boss. And by extra I mean that THING on his forehead. What the heck is going on there, buddy?

I watched the MGSV trailer again, as I do with all new MGS games, for fun and to see if I’ve yet to come across something interesting. And come across I did. At the end of the trailer when BB is on his motorcycle I noticed his fancy new hand holding his cigar, but I also noticed something on his forehead. At first I thought it could be a grease stain from his bike, or perhaps some metallic object, not unlike shrapnel from a previous battle. As I looked closer I realized it to resemble a horn. A freaking HORN. Maybe this is some sort of plot device, or it could be symbolic of Big Boss crossing over to the dark side. Perhaps some sort of Japanese symbolism, or something not unlike a devil sitting on one shoulder and an angel on the other in a moral dilemma. Otherwise, that’s gotta be one hell of a knot on his head. Y’all can check out the trailer again here, or down here:

I remember Kojima distinctly mentioning back a few years ago that he was working on a “Devil Project” or “OGRE Project.” Having Big Boss with a horn it all suddenly came to me. Is this what Kojima has been referring to all this time? Of course, at this point, with all the revelations about Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain being the same game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, I’m either right or it doesn’t matter. Still, I haven’t read any one else make this assumption so I’ll stake claim on my words.


Also rewatching the gameplay trailer I was instantly reminded of that famous scene in MGS4:GOTP where Old Snake has to crawl through a radiation riddled corridor while getting burned, charred ad basically cooked in a gigantic microwave. This new gameplay trailer for MGSV has Big Boss crawling through a hospital hallway following Keifer Sutherland Mr Bandage Face, trying to lead him outside where they encounter paranormal phenomena.


Some sad news for MGS fans. It turns out that my suspicions proved correct in that Big Boss will not be voiced by David Hayter this time around. This hits close to home for true MGS fans because Snake, whether Solid or Naked, has been voiced by Hayter since MGS1. MGS2 and 4 Snake was voiced by Hayter. In MGS3, Portable Ops (PSP), and Peace Walker (PSP) he voiced Naked Snake aka Big Boss.


Hayter really is Snake to the eyes and ears of loyal MGS fans. I can practically hear their groans of disappointment from here. Alas, all good things come to an end, or in this case they might change and hope beyond all hope that everything turns out well for all of us. Hayter served his fans well though. In MGS4 a much older Big Boss appeared at the end and was appropriately voiced by a different voice actor in Richard Doyle who was perfect against Hayter’s Solid Snake. I was really hoping that since MGSV has a new Big Boss voice actor that Hayter would somehow be voicing a young Solid Snake. I guess that will just remain my wishful thinking.


DH Source: MetalGearSolid.nl

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